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    Glad you like it Sweaty.

    We’re hoping most of the wolves will have been caught by then…

    in reply to: Ironman Feed station #28450

    I’d be there, but I’ll be on the other side of the bar so to speak. Wish me luck!

    in reply to: BEWARE!! #28314

    “The North Face of the Bwlch”.

    The first ascent took 4 weeks, its unreal how most can get up it in less than 3 hours now.

    in reply to: Hill time trial #28313

    Bloody hell Mat, hope you’re recovering well. Best wishes.

    in reply to: Turbo Wanted #27938

    Yes please.

    Could you let me know what it is and how much you want for it?

    07825 604 828 /

    in reply to: Xmas Turbo #27882

    “(lure of mince pies)” is not legally binding. Are there going to mince pies for people to eat, yes or no?

    I think its time Slinky showed himself. The newbies need to see what they’re up against come springtime.


    in reply to: Saturday ride – anyone going out? #27869

    Ended up doing Colby park run then drinking mulled wine putting Christmas decorations up. Did you do the black? Any offs?

    in reply to: Christmas Night Ride #27842

    bla bla poems, stop skipping around the key issues…. are we having a pint in the quay or what?

    It’s a deal breaker.

    (stoneditch, doffed cap for the Haiku)

    in reply to: Bike fit workshop #27810

    Thank you x

    in reply to: Sunday 23rd November 2014 #27805

    Mike what you seem to have done there, and I’m sure its just an oversight, is post a link to a 60 mile route with 6000ft of climbing. Hahaha, imagine that – in November.

    in reply to: Bike fit workshop #27804

    Is this a ‘this is why you need to buy a bike fit session from us’ or are they going to actually fit you on your bike?

    in reply to: End of Season Dinner 2014 #27722

    Cant make it sorry, I have a 15 mile trail run on the Gower the next day. Running and White Russians don’t go well together.

    in reply to: 56cm Willer for sale #27699

    Some more photos

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    in reply to: quick quiz #27571

    Mat, what the hell are you going on about?

    in reply to: Share Tips for Big Rides #27542

    In terms of clothing, I decided to put proper cycling shorts on in transition for the bike and then changed into for running shorts for the run. Using a tri-suit will save you a few minutes or so in transition, but the padding on them is shit. Unless you’re trying to win the race, its better to get comfortable.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 174 total)