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    Although i have done many ‘big’ rides (for me thats +70 miles) i am still unsure as to the best formula for my nutrition en route.

    i am currently using Wiggle energy gels and i take a load of flapjacks with me. I would love to know what you all like to use, as well as your preferred meal prior to the ride.

    i have also started using a Trek saddle because the stock race saddle i got with the bike was quite hard, and i have just bought some Assoss cream but i haven’t had a chance to use it yet (i use to use a vaseline and sudorcrem combo) I hope these will all help when i eventually get to IM 2014.

    Captain North i noticed you did a 135 mile tour a few days back, what did you take with you?

    For those that dont know who i am, my name is Duncan, i wear massive bug-eye sunglasses and sometimes a Camelbak, i will be competing in the IM WALES 2014 and since joining the Dynamos i have had many excellent and fun rides and will continue to do so, and maybe soon i can stop forking out so much for the IM amd get myself a team Jersey.


    Thanks folks look forward to your replies.

    In the process of trying to be the very best of everything i try to do.


    Hey Duncan,

    ‘Captain North’ ‘ere,

    You can give me a bell on 07985 227949 or 01994 419463 if you want to chat about nutrition.


    I consume a Go gel every 40 mins/hour (some with caffine, some without),eat cookies and cream powerbars and peanut cliff bars in between the gels..I use high5 energy drink…there really is no need to stop and eat faggots…oh and t he occassional banana makes a change.



    It all seams personal preference and if you rely on gels/bars some have negative effect no the stomach for some people. I’d say try a few out before the big day and then stick to one which your body agrees with.

    The high5 race pack is a bit of a bargain at the moment and will give you a few options from their range. http://www.wiggle.co.uk/high5-race-pack/

    Also it’s worth considering that Powerbar will be available at the feed stations, so perhaps try their products now to ensure you’re ok with them as well. It looks like their’s 6 food stations over the distance, in theory it’s around 20 miles between each station, so think comfort and weight and perhaps emergency food only rather than carrying everything for the whole ride. As we’re on the Narberth station, if there’s anything in particular you want we can have this waiting for you at our stop. (I believe around 70 & 100 mile marks).

    PS: I’ve got a range of different bars etc at home which I’ve picked up free or cheap, you’re welcome to pop over and have rummage to see if their’s anything you want to try. andrewwright9@gmail.com

    All the best

    Pete Jones


    Not much I can add, but don’t wait to start taking on fuel.  You may be feeling good for the first hour or so, but don’t forget to eat and drink BEFORE you drain you energy.

    From experience, don’t change the energy products on the day or have to many gels without food.  Practice now and stick to a product that works for you

    As to eating beforehand, I usually have rice or pasta the night before, and porridge for breakfast


    Another good tip is to follow the route correctly, as a couple of the above are good at getting lost.

    Pete Jones



    Hi Duncan. I did IM Wales a few years ago. As you mention the key is eating before you get hungry. Here are a few tips:

    1. Don’t eat immediately after the swim, wait until you’re on the bike for a few miles first. A friend ate too early doing his IM (as he got his wet-suit off running up from the swim) and his stomach went into meltdown. He had 12 shit-stops on the bike! They say you should burp or fart before eating as this shows your digestions system is working again, for whatever reason it doesn’t when swimming.

    2. Eat loads on the bike. I had an energy bar and an energy gel every hour, but staggered. i.e. Energy bar on the hour and then a gel half-past the hour. I used High-5 energy bars and Torq Gels (Rhubarb ….mmmmmm). If i were you, i’d decide what gel\bars you’re going to use and stick to them from now on in training and on race day.

    3. Drink loads on the bike. I drank 3 litres in total on the bike. Two large bike bottles, then refilled them. I took capsules of energy powder with me to refill the two bottles so I stayed on the same stuff (Torq Energy Powder). Pembs bikes sell this and little refill canisters.

    4. I used a camel back and just gels on the run. I sipped the camelback little and often and took one gel every lap. I used 1 litre from the camelback in total and drank water from the fuel stations when I fancied. There is a good variety of drink\food on the fuel stops on the run, so you dont need to panic about taking stuff with you.

    5. Stick to your nutrition plan no matter what, even if you’re not hungry KEEP EATING AND DRINKING.

    6. Have fun. It’s a brilliant and well supported event.


    In terms of clothing, I decided to put proper cycling shorts on in transition for the bike and then changed into for running shorts for the run. Using a tri-suit will save you a few minutes or so in transition, but the padding on them is shit. Unless you’re trying to win the race, its better to get comfortable.

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