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    Don’t forget this Saturday Narberth and Whitland rotary have organised a hill tt in Lys y Fran starting at 2pm. I have spread the word to Tenby aces, Milford Tritons, tiefi velos and nbcc.

    The rotary club have put a lot of effort into this. There will be prizes for first male, female and junior under 16. It will be a closed road event.

    It would be nice if we could have a good show of Dynamos there.


    Is anyone riding up


    I`m planning on riding up Mat, unless work gets in the way. But I think Jan will be there, so it might be bike in the back of car for the home leg.
    Shall we meet at Bloomfield 12.30.
    Any one else going up.


    Sadly I won’t be riding but I might be up to watch.


    Good turn out today. 26 entries, 6 or 7 dynamos, not a bad show. Very well done to Julie for being the fastest lady up the hill.
    On a sour note, Mat, Julie and I cycled up, and on the descent of gelli hill, Mat hit a pot hole and came off hard. Lots of road rash. His wife had to take him to casualty. Hope your ok Mat. Hopefully not too long before we see you back on the bike.


    Hi Matt
    Hope they patched you up ok.Time for a rest and I hope it’s not too long before your back on the bike.

    Colin Davies

    Hope that you’re okay Matt.


    Mat hope you get well soon.

    Is that the hill down from Bethesda? We went down there today and it really shocking. Perhaps we need to write to the Council to complain? They seem to have lots of money to tar and chip everything in sight but not sort out probably the worst bit of road in Pembrokeshire…..


    Thanks. All for best wishes.

    Travelling. Down gelli quite fast. Hit a pot hole. Went over the handle bars. Did my beat to make road smoother by leaving lots of skin onthe road & gathered as much gravel in my legs ;( thankfully I was riding with Julie & Andrew & they looked after me. For to casualty about two. Had to stay in overnight & had surgery. Today to scrub the gravel our of my legs.
    Was looking forward to hill climb. To get a dnf is bad but crash & burn on way over is awful.

    PBS achieved fastest through air & most cuts
    Left knee
    Right shin
    Ritught knee
    Right knuckle
    Right wrist
    Left knuckle
    Left elbow
    Left side
    Left shoulder


    Best wishes Mat..speedy recovery. 🙂


    You had some nasty injuries there Matt. Just realised why Andrew was more affected by your freefall than the damage… But then he sees raw bone and cartilage most days….! Hope you mend quickly 🙂


    All the best Matt, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    Bike ok?


    Just back in circulation …speedy recovery mate


    I would agree with valley man that the council needs to be advised of this dangerous lenght of Tarmac, or the lack of it. Cycled it frequently in recent weeks and it’s really bad

    All the best Matt for a speedy recovery



    Bloody hell Mat, hope you’re recovering well. Best wishes.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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