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    The Slinky Otter is running a coastal marathon the day before, so will be curled up in his holt when you are doing this. Good luck one and all. Enjoy riding it as a club (well, the first 5 miles!).

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    I’ve put the report on a new thread.

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    The Slinkster is up for it, but I’ll have to call it closer to the time, my wife is due to give birth in mid October, so let’s see how things go! If we have it in Martins (my father in law!) I can ask him to stick a seat on the table on the day so don’t include me on any lists.

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    For sure! Let me gather enough strength to sit at my computer and I’ll power a report out. Watch this space.

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    Bikes racked, gear all checked it, all that’s left to do is shit myself for 16 hours… 😯

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    Absolutely no need to apologise, a bike ride with the dynamos without some kind of drama just wouldn’t be right.

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    Cheers to Flapjack and Anthony for getting involved. It was good to have my legs back after last Sunday’s poor show. It dried up as we reached Canaston Bowl, yes, 65 miles to late, but at least it showed up! Dynamos top out through Narberth, game face on.

    Nice little hour run for me when I got back, felt like shit after, so as predicted this IM is going to be f&ckin horrendous… :)

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    … unless you fancy joining me Jane?

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    Well, the weather was nice! That bloody climb to Bwlch Y Gwynt is serious.

    We picked up some good speed between there and Haverfordwest though, its a great stretch of road.

    My legs werent there on Saturday, maybe it was the ballistic pace early doors that killed them off! I’ve just given my bike some TLC and found there was only 40 PSI in the rear tyre, so that wouldn’t have helped.

    Got a 50 miler on the to-do list for the weekend, probably do it Sunday if anyone is keen? I’ll forgive you all for not joining my on the half marathon after :)

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    Yeah, i’ll be there. Ant’s and me are thinking of making it up to 70 after riding with the dynamos early on, everyone welcome to join in of course! How long will that proposed loop be Butcherboy?

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    The Slinkster is on board.

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    So it didnt all go exactly to my plan above. Anthony gave me a shout about coming out, i told him i wanted to take it easy, try to average around 15mph for the whole loop (which on IM day would be good enough). We headed out of Narberth at 11 to do the big IM loop. Just as we left Narberth the butcher pulled along side us in his car moaning about ‘f*cking cyclists hogging the road’. We told him the plan and he was gutted he couldnt join us as he was going to cycle down to Lawrenny with his Mrs. Me and Anthony continued for another 500 yards when we saw Andrews car had pulled over ahead, he poked his head out the window and shouted “I’m coming with you!”.

    We picked the butcher up en route down to Wiseman’s.

    All together a really good ride, weather had cleared up by Tenby and the views down in Freshwest were stunning. The butcher was being a bit too swift as always, but we managed to keep up. We got back into Narberth in 4 hour 15, which blew out 15mph average plan to shit. We did it at just under 17mph! I felt good enough to keep going and try for the 100 miler, Ants wasn’t as motivated! He gave Jane a ring to say he was heading back and told her i was going to look for another 30 so she offered to plot out a nice flat route for me and join in. Ants and me cycled back to his house in Clynderwyn and me and Jane set off on a ‘flat’ 30.

    We did a loop around Claberston Road, New Moat etc, not as flat as i’d hoped, but all bearable. We got back into Narberth with 95 miles on the clock so we did a quick spin to Princes Gate and back finishing at exactly 100 miles outside my house. Job done.

    Cheers to Anthony and the butcher for the first 70 and Jane for being patient at the top of the hills and waiting for me!

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    It was a relief to hear flapjack was back in the saddle. Any news on his front wheel?

    You cant blame Roger for scooting off ahead given our peloton disaster on Sunday, especially if the butcher was in the group.

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    It seems the case of the butcher vs the baker will go on. Unlike flapjacks front wheel, mind you, every cloud… It will give him an opportunity to adopt some modern composites and leave the steel at home.

    I also have heard whispers, again from an anonymous source… A certain member of the lead group was feeling somewhat worse for ware Sunday evening. He asked his loose lipped partner not to let anyone in the group know. I will give you a clue though, his initial is A, surname Reese and he’s not a butcher.

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