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  • in reply to: Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th May ride #27254

    I heard there are some racing snakes that need taming, see you on Thursday.

    in reply to: Club AGM, 16 May 2014 #27253

    Is it within the power of the ride coordinator to suggest routes that can only be achieved by swimming or running? If so someone nominate me.

    In case you’re not sure who I am – Hi, I’m Slinky, I used to ride with the Dynamos before I had a child.

    in reply to: friday good to riide #27094

    Matt, what you thinking?

    I was going to do the long IM loop. I’m thinking of leaving Narb at 9. Any takers?

    in reply to: Bike Boxes #27013

    Can I hire them both on the weekend of 13th of September? (Same weekend as IM Wales). Im doing a 70.3 in Germany with a friend.

    in reply to: Sunday ride 23rd March #27000

    I would like to congratulate our chairman on taking one for the team and going back to help Roger. We all made it up the Bwlch when we noticed Roger was missing. Patrick, Simon and myself dropped some heavy hints about the fact he was chairman and first to the top therefore activating rule 85.b first one to the top has to go look for any lost sheep. He did.

    Huw, on a completely unrelated subject, can you make your routes on map-my-ride public?! 🙂

    in reply to: Sunday ride 23rd March #26996

    10 or so started, 3 of us finished. Roger and The Chairman are atill unaccounted for!

    in reply to: Sunday ride 23rd March #26995

    I’m in. See you at Bloomfield.

    in reply to: Cycling shorts – any recomendations? #26976

    The Assos shorts (not bibs) are on the way! Expect a full review in the coming weeks. I will be focusing on comfort, sex appeal and post-ride aroma.


    in reply to: Cycling shorts – any recomendations? #26970

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ve been eyeing up some Assos ones. They are considered the best of the best. I don’t like bib shorts, so i think i’ll get some of the Assos shorts. Chainreaction have then for £89 – That hurts, but hopefully my arse wont!

    in reply to: If you've got 24hrs spare in July this could be for you…. #26850

    Man alive, that is epic. You’d be looking at 15-20 hours in the saddle. Ouch.

    in reply to: Volcano Club #26800

    VOLCANO is on tonight. 8 o’clock in Bloomfield. Valleymans\Butcherboy\MatG are you going to make the leap from Flabsville to Slinkytown?

    in reply to: Volcano Club #26787

    It’s mostly exercises on one spot (pressup type stuff), then a small run between each set. The number of exercises per set increases. It will really help bikers and swimmers.

    in reply to: Volcano Club #26782

    It’s Volcano day everyone! Get involved!!!

    in reply to: Arms Race #26778

    No “Broken Britain” in the Allen household then. Theyre about £1000 aren’t they?

    I’m not knocking them as I’d love to have a set, but knowing what your power is doesn’t increase it. If you want to be a better cyclist take £1000 worth of unpaid leave and hit the road.

    Though the irony is, that would only get Roger the afternoon off!

    in reply to: Andrew Rees is a great Pembrokeshire success story #26704

    £600k! Time for a new bike for all the Dynamos!

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