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    Hi Duncan. I did IM Wales a few years ago. As you mention the key is eating before you get hungry. Here are a few tips:

    1. Don’t eat immediately after the swim, wait until you’re on the bike for a few miles first. A friend ate too early doing his IM (as he got his wet-suit off running up from the swim) and his stomach went into meltdown. He had 12 shit-stops on the bike! They say you should burp or fart before eating as this shows your digestions system is working again, for whatever reason it doesn’t when swimming.

    2. Eat loads on the bike. I had an energy bar and an energy gel every hour, but staggered. i.e. Energy bar on the hour and then a gel half-past the hour. I used High-5 energy bars and Torq Gels (Rhubarb ….mmmmmm). If i were you, i’d decide what gel\bars you’re going to use and stick to them from now on in training and on race day.

    3. Drink loads on the bike. I drank 3 litres in total on the bike. Two large bike bottles, then refilled them. I took capsules of energy powder with me to refill the two bottles so I stayed on the same stuff (Torq Energy Powder). Pembs bikes sell this and little refill canisters.

    4. I used a camel back and just gels on the run. I sipped the camelback little and often and took one gel every lap. I used 1 litre from the camelback in total and drank water from the fuel stations when I fancied. There is a good variety of drink\food on the fuel stops on the run, so you dont need to panic about taking stuff with you.

    5. Stick to your nutrition plan no matter what, even if you’re not hungry KEEP EATING AND DRINKING.

    6. Have fun. It’s a brilliant and well supported event.

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    I’m away to doing another event. I would recommend the marshalling for those who have not done it, it’s really good fun and it’s great being part of the day.

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    Thanks Roger.

    There will be some crying Iti’s come the end of the week. Slinky is going on a KOM glory hunt.

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    Roger, I like the way you think.

    That’s disappointing Chairman. Done be too disheartened, its do’ers like yourself that make the civic week happen. I’m happy to help plan it for next year. The Velo’s regularly do hill climb events, we can talk to them about how they tick the safety boxes and replicate it.

    See you tomorrow AM.

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    Im happy to help with a clipboard too. I’ll be pram pushing earlier in the evening. I don’t fancy powering up the hill. Arriving at the top of the hill covered in sick, crying and slurring wont be good for Dynamo’s promo.

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    PS. If you are going to attempt that segment you’ll need crampons and kendal mint cake.

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    Yeah, bloody hilarious.

    I get it now, create a ridiculously hard route as a joke a few days before long course knowing that nobody would turn up? Well jokes on you, Pete Jones and myself did turn up and we did do it.

    I created a segment in your honor Mike (you bastard).

    (congrats Leights).

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    Good right up Huw. SOUNDS BRUTAL!!!! Well done, brilliant achievement.

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    £2 to cycle up Narberth Hill. For anyone who doesn’t understand cycling that would seem like a pretty poor deal… but to us egotistical bikers this is obviously a great chance to (metaphorically of course) get our willy’s out. Because these willy’s are metaphorical the women can get theirs out too.

    My willy will be slightly squiff because I am also a dedicated Pram Push veteran. Lets see how these two go together!

    This is a brilliant idea and I think could become a Pembrokeshire classic very quickly.

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    Sorry Mat, i didnt see this post until after i started another one!

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    Roger. Nut.

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    Er, that was meant for another post. I’m still recovering from the £12 membership fee so no club kit for me. The MK I Dynamos top I’ve got is going well by the way, excellent quality.

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    Man alive, 18mph+ average. No time for chatting either.

    That type of riding can only make you a better cyclist.

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    I saw the stats on Strava. 10,000ft in 100 miles. Nice!

    Chris is a machine.

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    I’ve reluctantly paid, though I still think you should be paying me to be a member.

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