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    Breaking News Dynamo caught out lying about splits in Broahaven Tri

    A number of the dynamos took place in the Broadhaven Tri
    1.5km swim
    43k cycle
    10.5k run

    One of the dynamos was heard saying the splits were
    30 mins
    1:20 mins
    just over hour

    on close review of results all were lower than actual

    & name of the this blagger – me 🙁 sorry – genuine mistake based on quick glances at my watch

    results http://www.triandenter.com/race-results/2014-race-results/

    well done to all who took part especially Celia who was top woman

    I recommend doing for anyone next year
    Swim get into a rhythm & is ok – in fact in warms you up ready for cycle.
    – I managed to average 18.5mph on cycle on 28 mile hilly course. Excellent speed for me but only 98th out 220. Much slower than most other Dynamos
    Then hilly 10.5k run again ran well for me
    Finished 175 out of 220 overall

    Well done to Dai, Tim, Charlie, Jane, Celia & all other Dynamos & Aces – all finished ahead of me!

    It is doable for anyone – not the training needed for ironman & good fun

    I haven’t cycled that route since the old ToP


    Well done everyone….but I’ll give it a miss thanks!!!


    Sorry Mat, i didnt see this post until after i started another one!


    Anyone who wants a bit of light reading, my race report is here It was great to see so many familiar faces, and well done everyone, especially those for whom it was their first triathlon. Not an easy one to start with!!

    Love The Rain, Live Your Dream

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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