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    I have mentioned to some members about organising a hill time trial for civic week. Well we have now been given the go ahead with a closed road from Narberth bridge up to my shop in the high street.

    It will be on Wednesday 23rd. It’s the same evening as the pram push. We aren’t yet sure how long the road will be closed for but the pram push is going to start at 6.15 and will last about 40/45 min. So the civic week comm. are going to ask for closure between 6.15 and 7.30. But they may not get that long.

    So we will start at 6.45. Registration will be between 5.45 and 6.15. apparently the road will be closed to cyclists as well so you won’t be able to cycle down the hill after 6.15. (But you can cycle up once you have entered!).  numbers will have to be limited due to the time restrictions. Entry fee will be £2.

    We are going to need 5/6 volunteers to help out. So if you are willing to help please let me know.

    Please spread the word and let’s make it a fun night!


    £2 to cycle up Narberth Hill. For anyone who doesn’t understand cycling that would seem like a pretty poor deal… but to us egotistical bikers this is obviously a great chance to (metaphorically of course) get our willy’s out. Because these willy’s are metaphorical the women can get theirs out too.

    My willy will be slightly squiff because I am also a dedicated Pram Push veteran. Lets see how these two go together!

    This is a brilliant idea and I think could become a Pembrokeshire classic very quickly.


    I’m afraid i will not be presence as I’m away on graduation duty.

    Should be a fun event..enjoy eveyone


    Sorry me and Jane can’t make this one,were away on holiday .


    Sorry. Can not compete, marshal or watch slinky being pushed up the hill in a pram 😉

    Pete Jones

    Sorry, but I’m away that week

    Pete Jones

    Noticed in the paper that the escorted family ride is on the 20th.  What are the arrangements?


    Sorry, not available for hill climb.


    Here is the magnificent trophy on offer to the winner of the Hill Climb. I am almost tempted to take part, however, I have volunteered to hold a clipboard.

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    Im happy to help with a clipboard too. I’ll be pram pushing earlier in the evening. I don’t fancy powering up the hill. Arriving at the top of the hill covered in sick, crying and slurring wont be good for Dynamo’s promo.


    Slinky…that sounds just like a Tues eve ‘Up North’ !!


    Bad news I`m afraid. our county council says we can`t go ahead with the hill climb because I haven’t done a risk assement,  apparently I should of done one at least 4 months beforehand. And they told me yesterday! Bloody Idiots. They did say we could go still go ahead off our own back, but because the road closure is covered for all vehicles AND bikes, if the police see us cycling up or down the hill we will get a £120 fine.

    It really is annoying that people put in so much time and effort to organise events like this for public entertainment, and get told we cant do it because of insurance and health and safety crap. I get enough of that in work, don’t need it to cycle up a hill. Makes you think why we bother trying to put on events like this.


    What a pain!!! No more special discounts for county officials then Butcherboy!!

    I’d like to see the risk assessment for the pram push…do they need MOTs!


    As I see it nothing’s really changed apart from an increase in the entrance fee from £2.00 to £120.oo and the possibility of a police escort….


    Roger, I like the way you think.

    That’s disappointing Chairman. Done be too disheartened, its do’ers like yourself that make the civic week happen. I’m happy to help plan it for next year. The Velo’s regularly do hill climb events, we can talk to them about how they tick the safety boxes and replicate it.

    See you tomorrow AM.

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