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    Planning something similar, but might opt for 50m on the day. Don’t wait for me at the start though.

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    Sweaty, I’m the first drop out.

    Boys night in every Wednesday, at the moment we’re learning how to roll from our backs to our fronts.

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    See you at Bloomfield at 5.20pm

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    More than happy to attend with you.

    0777 3553434

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    I’ll take the bed if it’s still going?


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    Anyone need a room mate?

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    Sold to Rod,

    Slinky I’ll give you a bell if Rod doesn’t collect.


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    On black Friday Pembs Bikes did a 10% discount on all products and lovely wife brought me a Dynamos gilet. Any chance you can work your black magic and ask for a similar deal on the jacket for a limited period?

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    Interested in a post 5pm slot.

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    What a peloton, if I had known it was passing my house, I would have put the flags out! Sat in bed with coffee and baby in hand. In years to come Dylan will talk about the day something exciting happened in his road.

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    Sadly my social life, like my riding has temporary stopped in all aspects since our boy arrived. Fingers crossed I’ll be back riding and drinking in the new year.

    For those who are going, you know you’re in for good food and company. If I can slip our for a pint on the night I’ll try and head down before you take your table.


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    Just booked my place via British Cycling for £44 (link below).

    I believe it’s a pirority access to British Cycling members until public sale on Thursday.

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    I love the idea of riding in club colours, but sadly the cost of the new winter jersey means I’ll stick to the couple of tops I already have (£110). I appreciate that Pembrokeshire bikes are taking the hit in production costs, holding stock and are a business, but at the same time their getting a lot of advertising out of the jerseys being worn, surely that’s worth a discount in the retail?

    As a price comparison, Cardiff Ajax jersey £35, Gilet £40, Winter top £60.

    Just saying…

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    I’ll pop into the meeting on Wednesday and I more than happy to help for a few hours set up and hopefully later on in the day. We now have a little one so I’ll probably need to slip back for a few hours of nappy duty.


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    It all seams personal preference and if you rely on gels/bars some have negative effect no the stomach for some people. I’d say try a few out before the big day and then stick to one which your body agrees with.

    The high5 race pack is a bit of a bargain at the moment and will give you a few options from their range.

    Also it’s worth considering that Powerbar will be available at the feed stations, so perhaps try their products now to ensure you’re ok with them as well. It looks like their’s 6 food stations over the distance, in theory it’s around 20 miles between each station, so think comfort and weight and perhaps emergency food only rather than carrying everything for the whole ride. As we’re on the Narberth station, if there’s anything in particular you want we can have this waiting for you at our stop. (I believe around 70 & 100 mile marks).

    PS: I’ve got a range of different bars etc at home which I’ve picked up free or cheap, you’re welcome to pop over and have rummage to see if their’s anything you want to try.

    All the best

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