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  • in reply to: Garmin 200 for sale – £60 #26004

    Sorry Clover after no interest I sold it on ebay in two hours for £80.

    in reply to: AGM 2013 #25986

    Sadly I’m in London for a family birthday.

    Looking forward to being able to change my British Cycling club affiliation to Narberth Dynamos.

    Keep up the good work everyone, it’s been emotional!

    in reply to: Tuesday 4th June Thursday 6th June Ride #25883

    Word of warning, Tanners lane is currently being resurfaced and very very skiddy, covered in chippings.

    in reply to: Civic Week 2013 #25859

    I can’t see a reason why I can’t do the turbo,
    but give me time and I’ll find one!

    I’ll ask in work about prizes.

    in reply to: Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th May rides #25768

    perhaps if the weather holds out. But 200+miles Friday/Saturday so will be taking it easy.

    in reply to: Friday 3rd May #25728

    The back room is the one at the back, behind the front room. Sadly for the middle room it does not exist.

    in reply to: Strava #25720

    Hence mentioning climbing challenges which iphone is drastically higher.

    in reply to: Strava #25717

    Looks like the next climbing challenge I should use my iphone.

    in reply to: Narcar/Carten 2013 #25716

    Can you add me on for food.

    Plus anyone received their entry pack or jersey yet?

    in reply to: Tour of Pembrokeshire 2013 #25682

    Doing the 75, planning on starting between 8-8.15.

    Give me a bell in the morning if you want to meet up and ride (leisurely together) 0777 3553434

    in reply to: Sunday ride, 7th April #25616

    Might be a bit too far/hilly for my legs at the moment. Will certainly join you but will probably miss out the Gwaun Valley section and aim for a 50miler.

    in reply to: Narcar/Carten 2013 #25566

    Carten places available at present from Tenby Cycles (via their facebook page)

    in reply to: Narcar/Carten 2013 #25563

    MatG, in the words of Wham ‘I’m your man’.

    I was contemplating booking myself a ‘private’ room for £25 in the swanky brand new Premier Travel Inn in the sunshine state of Barry Island. However, in line with team bonding etc…

    Let me know when you need payment.


    in reply to: Daffofil Ride #25552

    Good effort to you all.

    Sadly I spent seven hours on Sunday digging trenches for drains.

    In my defence, having the ability to flush my poo away in the new cottage seamed more important on the day.

    I hide my head in shame!

    in reply to: Friday 1st March 2013 #25513

    Free antiques event at Bluestone that night with Eric Knowles, worth getting Flapjack’s bike appraised?

    Anyway, feel free to book free tickets for yourself or your close to death relatives, who know’s might get you brownie points in their will!

    There job done, no one can accuse me of not trying, however I should be with Sweaty in the pub playing with his ferret.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 136 total)