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    Entries limited to 1100. Down for the 80m, but might top up to the 100 on the day, assuming that I can actually get any time on my bike.

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    Anyone got a spare bed? (Hotel for Carten not generally)

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    Thanks for sticking to the route!

    Got up, rode in the driving rain to the end of Clunderwen, waited in the rain, waited some more in the rain, decided the peloton wasn’t coming. Rode home in the rain. Too wet by that time to have any will power left to go out on my own.

    Did I mention it was raining? Then had the joy of seven hours painting whilst I waited the rain to stop. It didn’t!

    To top it off I have no cider left in the fridge, the flat is cold, my wife is in Cardiff and the telly flickers ever time a lorry drives past and it’s still raining!

    Anyway, hope you had a lovely ride, love to the kids x

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    To keep up the trend I should have added…


    Just need to sort out my hotel!

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    in reply to: Sunday Ride 13th Jan 2013 #25362

    My excuse time..

    A) No road bike!

    New beautiful bike in Mike’s Bikes being built with my other bike stripped in the garage awaiting a decent clean and new brakes, tape and wheel

    B) Hole in hand!

    Stupidly stick a knife through my hand two weeks ago and can’t yet grip bars

    That said I did sneak a 21 mile leisurely ride on the hybrid yesterday afternoon to test the hand. Turns out it still works… just.

    in reply to: Gold, Silver & Bronze distance & turbo time challenges #25329

    2012 totals for me

    Road Bike 4801 miles

    Hybrid 142 miles

    Turbo 104 miles

    Total 5047 miles

    Gonna be hand to match it this year, but you never know!

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    Booked the Friday off work, now just need the hotel. Better check if the wife wants to stay before I go searching for a man in lycra to bunk up with!

    in reply to: Sunday Ride11 November (not) #25219

    I’ll be there in the morning (9am?). A change of plan means I’m now in Pembs this weekend. Not fussed on routes, although a coffee stop is always welcome!

    in reply to: Wattbike Session 17 October 2012 #25132

    8.30pm for me, gives me time to get some chips first.

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    in reply to: Tour of Britian Ride, 14 Sept 2012 #24909

    The Cardiff Ajax ride is now confirmed as a 50+ ride, from the centre of Cardiff over the Rhigos and back to Caerphilly mountain. Anyone fancy it give me a nudge.

    in reply to: Tour of Britian Ride, 14 Sept 2012 #24905

    The only reason why Cardiff Ajax weren’t looking at the sportive is why pay £35 for a ride when you can do a similar route for free?

    Plus from last years experience it was better to view the riders half way up Caerphilly mountain and once they pass, rush down the hill to see them come across the finish line.

    Offer still open for anyone who want’s a 50-60 mile from Cardiff then join the rest at the finish.


    in reply to: Dragon ride 2012 #24755

    I ended the day with 5h21m for the medium route, but as I was wearing Cardiff Ajax kit I don’t think it counts!

    Much easier than the Tour of Pembrokeshire. I’ve still got the Dartmoor Classic in two weeks, assuming that my legs are back to normal by then. Hopefully see you all on Sunday


    in reply to: Tour Of Pembrokeshire 2012 #24718

    I opted for the 75m rather than the 100m and thankful I did. Looking back I loved the event & course but I found it a little too unforgiving at the time with endless hills and technical descents with no chance of making any time back. For the first time ever I walked up a hill out of the Gwain valley joining the back with the 50m route. Walking was solely due to cramp which kicked in after 50miles every time I rose from the saddle (which was a lot!). I ended the day on 5.57.02 drastically missing my target of 5hrs, I think I ended up 28th overall our of 198 so not too disheartened. Already thinking of shelling out on new gears if they use the same route next year. Good HQ, friendly feed stations, stunning views, only slight niggle was a fw of the signs and a couple dodgy/mossy roads without warning. Well worth the effort!

    Hopefully see you on Sunday morning.

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 136 total)