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    We’re expecting our little one to arrive on the 1st September so I can’t commit to all day.

    I am hoping I can at least help out for a few hours, possibly first thing to help set up and possibly again later in the day.

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    I’ve got the same bottle cages, they account for £11.98 of the price.

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    Is there any chance the Pembrokeshire Bikes logo could be any larger, it doesn’t quite fill the back of my jersey?

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    I’m due to join you in the ‘used to ride before I had a child bracket’ Maybe we could form our own rival club and sit at home looking out of the window dreaming of being on a bike (in club kit of course)?


    Let me know which is the most glamourist unfilled role which involves the least amount of work (see future child comment).

    If I can get there I will, after all I’m in the dog house anyway…


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    Sadly it looks like I’ll have to send my apologies as I’m missing my wife’s birthday to cycle with Leighton in france and need to make up some brownie points.

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    I know both club bike boxes have been booked this week and will be in the Alps. Perhaps someone else will come to your rescue, otherwise I think Mike’s Bikes also rent out boxes.

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    Last time we stopped after around 55miles, the main choice appeared to be jackets or chips. We also had other pit stops throughout the ride, after all it’s social not head down riding.

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    I even flipped the photo! (PS: not a true reflection of my design skills for those looking for a freelance graphic designer in lycra).

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    Just popped in and purchased a jersey, more than happy with the quality, more ‘race feel’ similar to the rapha pro jerseys than our old cotton kits. Three rear pockets plus a zipped pocket.

    I didn’t buy a gillet (yet), but modelled it in the changing room for your perusal.

    Lets hope these prove popular so we can get the price down a little.

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    Tucker for me please.

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    I like the route into Cardiff, however there is no quiet route into the city via the North, the other option would be to enter via Bridgend and the Vale which is flat but removes the fun of the Rhigos.

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    Times of those who took part (and those who didn’t)

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    Just wondering, are we lucky enough to have anyone driving/taking bags this year?

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    Underneath my bib longs, I can confirm, I was naked!

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    The first decision was what to wear, sat in my car with bibs shorts and bib longs in my hand, naked from the waste down. The second decision was when to start having already quoted my approximate starting time here, I thought it’d be rude to leave early and try and stay ahead of the rain. Fortunately I bumped in to Pete and Dan before the start and as we headed out of the start gate we saw Leighton coming up the road on his 80 mile ‘jolly’.

    My final decision was at the split point, as the chance to head back to St Davids had been on my mind since we started. My guts got the better of my head and up the lovely 28% hill I went.

    I won’t go into too much detail as it’s all been said before. But thanks for Pete, Dan and Leighton for the company. I’m certainly glad I stayed course and tucked 80miles (if rather slow/brutal miles) under my belt.

    Looking forward to the NarCar/CarTen in two weeks time and something flat.

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