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    Sweaty Eds

    Dear Santa

    Please can I have some Dynamos winter kit.

    Love from


    Just a reminder that club winter kit is available for Santa to buy in Pembrokeshire Bikes in Narberth.

    The range includes a rather splendid winter jacket in the white club colours. It will keep you warm and dry in wintery weather. Just so there is not any misunderstanding I’d better mention that it will not walk your dog nor will it fight that big bloke who’s looking at you funny.

    They are also stocking Dynamo arm warmers. These come in red and black and will keep you arms warm. They will not tell you the way home nor spell check your forum posts.

    The jackets cost a very competitive £85 and the arm warmers £25.

    Buy one of each, I think you’ll like them!


    ….and those winter tops are fantastic….have worn mine on lots of very chilly rides and been very cozy; there was a query about ‘The sleeve length’ but that ‘longer arm’ just tucks under your winter glove for extra coziness!! The quality is second to none…….so go on….buy one…you know you want to!!


    Aldi May still have some good winter tops & jackets both less than £20

    Sweaty Eds

    Pembrokeshire Bikes are in the process of shortening the arms on all the winter jackets. Should be even more snug and gorgeous after Santa’s elves have finished with them.

    Will be back in stock before Xmas. I’ll keep you updated.

    Sweaty Eds

    Winter jackets back in stock in Pembrokeshire Bikes with tidy sleeve lengths.

    Went out wearing mine tonight. Weather bloody freezing, Sweaty nicely toasty. In addition to that it’s good quality Dynamos branded kit at a reasonable price available locally.

    As an added ‘bonus’ I got wolf whistled by Kerri Barnes the lollipop lady.


    Its on my letter to Santa; I am hopeful!



    On black Friday Pembs Bikes did a 10% discount on all products and lovely wife brought me a Dynamos gilet. Any chance you can work your black magic and ask for a similar deal on the jacket for a limited period?

    Sweaty Eds

    Hi Mate.

    How’s fatherhood?

    Kudos to Emma for getting a discount on the gilet because Peter is selling them at cost.

    The jackets are worth more than the price they are being sold for, ask for a discount by all means (maybe send Emma) but, again, he is selling them at cost.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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