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    We’re running a circuits type session on Monday nights from tomorrow. It’s called ‘Volcano Club’. Its basically doing exercises to improve core strength, all based on exercises using your own body as resistance. The sessions would be really beneficial for cyclists – so get involved!

    It will be run every Monday, 8 o’clock at Bloomfield – £3.

    Bring a towel, some water and some STEEL.


    It’s Volcano day everyone! Get involved!!!


    Are you having a lava

    What does average class comprise of
    Shuttle runs
    Press ups


    It’s mostly exercises on one spot (pressup type stuff), then a small run between each set. The number of exercises per set increases. It will really help bikers and swimmers.


    VOLCANO is on tonight. 8 o’clock in Bloomfield. Valleymans\Butcherboy\MatG are you going to make the leap from Flabsville to Slinkytown?


    Butcherboy will not be there he is South America somewhere.


    Yep. In Chile at the moment soaking up the sun. Too hot for cycling. Off to Argentina in the morning. Hope your all missing me!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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