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    Meet at Bloomfield at 9, here is the route, for those of you who cannot open it the route is Princes Gate, Whitland, Blaenwaun, Tegryn, Crymych, turn right, Eglwyswrw, Bwlch, and back




    Good Luck anyone doing that!! If its anything like today you’ll need it!


    Weather looks good, come on you know you want to

    Pete Jones

    I’ll meet you on the Princes  Gate to Tavernspite road


    I’m in. See you at Bloomfield.


    10 or so started, 3 of us finished. Roger and The Chairman are atill unaccounted for!


    Just to confirm no one completed the correct route as you should have turned right in Crymych, not left then right.


    Bit of a cock up all round then. Got back safe and knackered at 1.30. After going up the bwlch twice!!  Still no sign of Roger but I did hear he got back with a lift from Vicky. Wouldn’t want to be in that house this afternoon!!


    Its amazing what the mountain air does to some people!!!


    I would like to congratulate our chairman on taking one for the team and going back to help Roger. We all made it up the Bwlch when we noticed Roger was missing. Patrick, Simon and myself dropped some heavy hints about the fact he was chairman and first to the top therefore activating rule 85.b first one to the top has to go look for any lost sheep. He did.

    Huw, on a completely unrelated subject, can you make your routes on map-my-ride public?! 🙂


    Thank you Chairman for your efforts to find a lost sheep.

    Audrey decided to disinvest herself of all but the hardest gear at the foot of the Bwlch.

    Spent 15 fruitless minutes trying to achieve an easier gear,walked a little to find some signal and then used the most important tool in the bag….then decided to cycle up the Bwlch in 11th gear and then down the other side..waved to Vicki who didn’t realise it was me….20 mins later she found me…whoops…!…not a happy bunny….spent all afternoon attacking brambles to make amends…ho hum….

    Sorry Huw for our poor adherence to the route!


    Sounds like an epic day out!!

    Sweaty Eds

    Well, what an eventful day for some.

    At the more sedate end of the peloton it was quite a different story. My Sweaty self and Kim missed the bunch sprint to Princes Gate but we passed the time on our own musing about when Valleyman would join us at the rear having not yet learnt his lesson about starting like Eddy Merckx and finishing like Eddie Waring. The hill out of Whitland was our answer.

    We passed most of our clubmates in Tavernspite as they were looking for riders they’d lost already. A sign of things to come as it turns out.

    Nothing of note happened for a few miles, nothing that is if you ignore the moment when a well-known Narberth GP decided to play chicken with the approaching traffic. In Whitland I betrayed my Sweaty Short Course/FlatEarth urgings and headed out towards the gentle undulations of the Blaenwaun road.

    It was on the first of these gentle undulations that Ian and I compared notes on our winter training schedules. At the end of last Summer, Valleyman and I paid for some sessions from a local coach and were informed that a very important, and often overlooked, aspect of hard training is recovery. To this end we have been recovering almost every day since last September, these essential recovery sessions have only been broken once a fortnight by a social turbo session and some reasonably hard stair climbing once every evening on the way to bed. I congratulated him on his muscle mass and he me on my teak stomach.

    Our ride continued more or less in slow motion. Rory left us to go home, caught us back up then left us again to go house hunting. His last words to us was that he was looking to find a route back to Tavernspite that avoided the hills. I’m hoping Vicki Broom Wagon rescued him as well.

    Every hill was an adventure in our mini-peloton that formed after the split. Going down Adam, Andrew and myself had a certain gravitational advantage over the lightweights, Valleyman, Kim and Tom. Going up, however was a different story with me joining the recovering Valleyman at the rear whilst everyone else stormed skywards.

    There were six in our group, and we stayed together until a couple of miles from home. At this point I think Adam thought that Kim, Ian and I must’ve stopped for lunch and Andrew Ajax and Tom took a detour to get their 50 in.

    I really enjoyed the ride, great company, great route made all the more exciting by not being able to access it online. Thanks everyone.

    Most asked question on the day; is this on the Daffodil Route?


    Narberth Dynamos: Its a Knockout on wheels. I think I played my Joker too soon.


    I knew I should have come!!

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