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    It’s basically the start of this ride but in reverse,


    At 5pm(ish) I don’t see much in it but would be slightly more direct/flatter for the final run in.


    Its good to see we have a new route organiser. Well done to Matt, i will leave all future route posting to Matt. (god help us all)


    Here kitty kitty
    Is there an. Actual possibility of kit this year. Glad to hear my deposit will be able to be used 😉
    So is it different to what we tried on & ordered months ago


    I’am in as well Mat G when do you want the money for the room just let me know


    Happy to sort it out when I next see you or ev
    en on the day


    Cheers Matt we will do that I can give the money to you on the Daffodil ride if you doing it.
    Regards Matt


    Huw before you dismiss change of route & pull rank on me idea was sanctioned by chairman.,anyway I route is good but anyone who changes their bike frequently embraces improvements & likes change 🙂 … But if you feel really desperate that no one changes the existing route no worries.


    Those that got a place should have received an email invitation to a fast track registration with corresponding link but PLEASE BE AWARE the option closes TODAY at 6pm. It’ll save the hassle of the queue at the start on the day! If you feel like me after Saturday you’ll want the slow track!!


    Just wondering, are we lucky enough to have anyone driving/taking bags this year?

    Pete Jones

    I have booked a twin room, so does anyone need the spare bed (or the bed settee, if they give me a double room) for £40?  I didn’t get in quick enough for the cheap rates.


    Hopefully you got your fast track packs today . I will have to meet you enter route of Harvard.. what time are you due through Carmarthen. I can be there about ten. Can I please meet you there are


    What time are you leavin narberth next Friday? Clover are you cycling from Pembroke dock ?


    Not leaving narberth driving from Bristol wife can drop me at Carmarthen at 10


    Hi Pete,

    Happy to have your other bed. I can sort you out when I see you next.


    PS: Is anyone driving up with the bags this year? Thankyou…


    We got 2 options for the bags. Jan will be leaving for Cardiff straight from work. Leaving H/west  by 2.30. Getting to Cardiff by 4.30 ish. So anyone wanting her to bring bags up need to get them to me by Thursday. Either at my shop or unit on redstone road or my home in Ludchurch.

    Second option is Huw’s wife Helen will meet us at bloomfield in the morning. She won’t be leaving for Cardiff until 3.30. So won’t be in Cardiff until 5.30 ish.

    Mark B – we will be leaving at 9.00 am.

    Matt G – I think you getting to Carmarthen at 10.00 will be about right for us.

    Andrew Wright – Did you mention an easier and quieter way into Cardiff. Perhaps you could organise that for us. Thanks.

    At the moment I haven’t a clue how many are riding up on the Friday. It looks like we will be a fair few. The roads we are using will be busy. But we don’t want to split up into smaller groups either. The whole idea of the Narcar is to ride together and enjoy each other’s company.  But we must make sure we don’t take over the whole road. Don’t want to cause too much trouble with the traffic!


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 68 total)
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