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    An early start for the Valley Road (west) crew at 8.30. It would have been earlier but we sat in the car for a while hoping it would stop raining… Run into Fishguard was nice with the wind at our backs but that was where the fun ended. I think gruelling about sums it up and just to add insult to injury we finally dried out a couple of miles from the finish only for the heavens to open (again).

    50 miles was more than enough. Well done to the rest of you who did the 75 and 100.


    Another fabulous day in the hills……………well done all you Dynos…


    This is interesting, press play and watch everyone one go around, couple of points it shows that Mike went of course the route did not go though Goodwick and how quicker James Shaw was than everyone else. it only picks up people who came close to myself so if you are not shown this is why



    That’s a good feature on Strava never knew that was there, look how long Mikeyf was stopped down the Gwaun. Eating faggots and welsh ham no doubt! Well done everyone yesterday, those gusts of wind were something else, scary at times.


    Here was my day

    Day started well, weather looking good, to the start for 7 no other Dynamos to be seen, so off I went. First Dynamo to be spotted was Flapjack 28 miles in going like a bat out of hell only to spotted on the next descent picking himself off the road on a bend. 31 miles in on a climb before the descent in to Newport, I could hear the tones Roger and Andrew pulling up by the side of me talking about a volcano up head must have been wishing we where still in Lanzarote, Flapjack was back in tow. We stayed together for about 10 miles and then the next big climb arrived and that was that back on my own it was good while it lasted.
    First feed station came felt good so did not stop, next feed station 58 miles time to refuel, Welsh cakes very good, weather now starting to look grim, at 61 miles disaster strikes a puncture with a big bang in the rear tyre, on inspection a hole in the side wall of the tyre. So the question is what do i now, took it all apart and as someone showed before used a small plastic bag to cover the hole inside the tyre put the tube in and pumped up all holding 15 minutes later back on the road, now it is raining as well.
    The next challenge is up the Bwlch and as we climbed the wetter and winder it became once i got to the cattle grid 1 mile from the top, it was getting worse and worse the water was running down the road to meet you, lots of people off their bikes pushing, the top in site I thought thank the Lord for that, once on the top the next challenge was to go down the other side as the wind was blowing everyone sideways and the rain feeling like hail stones. Next feed station in the Gwaun Valley this was a welcome site, a warm drink and off again and it rained all the way back. What an awful day.

    Couple of positives my overall time was the same as last year, the course this year is 1.5miles further than last year. My moving average this year was 13.4 compared to 12.9mph last year.


    Hi Dynamos, thanks for a great day out. Was ‘up there’ with the many challenges that i’ve done thus far! plus good intro to the club, one that i’ll not forget in a hurry.

    I had fore and aft blow outs, broke one tyre lever and lost the other, thought my day was over, until, after many a storm had passed by, the Mavic support car turned up and ‘Pierre’ rescued my day. Brill.



    So many stories to be had and its great to listen to them all, but I’ve gotta say that’s my first TOP and I had a great time!

    Huw…that’s a great feature on Strava – like a mini scalextric game – only with more pain! O….and thanks for making everyone aware that I made the effort to take in more hills than necessary (how did that happen, was in group at time so we all went that way, I wondered why there was no sign at next roundabout !!)

    All the stops were fantastic for a hungry mountain goat like me but the Gwaun…wow… extended stop time was for ‘The Loo queue’ Mr Leighton Phillips not Faaagggots.

    Was very disappointed that my wife n kids weren’t on top of Bwlch banging saucepans n ringing cowbells, but not everyone enjoys a bit of wind n damp I ‘spose!

    That’s my first TOP so was not sure what to expect and so was looking forward to ‘seeing how I went’…can’t wait for next year! (if its sunny I’m not coming tho’). Ready for the ‘Preseli Angel’ next weekend,

    See you all Tuesday!


    The first decision was what to wear, sat in my car with bibs shorts and bib longs in my hand, naked from the waste down. The second decision was when to start having already quoted my approximate starting time here, I thought it’d be rude to leave early and try and stay ahead of the rain. Fortunately I bumped in to Pete and Dan before the start and as we headed out of the start gate we saw Leighton coming up the road on his 80 mile ‘jolly’.

    My final decision was at the split point, as the chance to head back to St Davids had been on my mind since we started. My guts got the better of my head and up the lovely 28% hill I went.

    I won’t go into too much detail as it’s all been said before. But thanks for Pete, Dan and Leighton for the company. I’m certainly glad I stayed course and tucked 80miles (if rather slow/brutal miles) under my belt.

    Looking forward to the NarCar/CarTen in two weeks time and something flat.


    Andrew…you didnt really finish your story – according to this tale you cycled the route Nuuuude from the waist down, a tad unusual but original I suppose!



    Underneath my bib longs, I can confirm, I was naked!


    Times of those who took part (and those who didn’t)

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    Three Dynamos in the top 20!


    …. how could I have failed to mention that Roger narrowly beat Andrew (again?)


    Stats for 100 miles

    min 06:39:43
    max 12:25:31
    average 09:33:16
    total riders 332

    first name surname cat time award rank
    Roger Allan M50 07:36:59 Silver 15
    Andrew Rees M49 07:42:23 Bronze 17
    Richard Wicks M56 07:52:24 Bronze 20
    Wayne Jenkins M42 08:27:59 Merit 55
    Michael Field M53 08:32:48 Bronze 59
    Colin Davies M43 08:42:37 Merit 81
    Huw Morgan M48 08:44:20 Merit 83
    D Hill M42 08:45:26 Merit 85
    Rod Bowen M53 10:10:49 Merit 230
    Tony Cremin M37 11:55:37 Merit 327

    stats for 75 miles
    min 04:49:26
    max 09:55:14
    average 07:19:24
    total riders 307

    Name surname Time Award rank
    Tom Ellis M17 06:11:51 Merit 38
    Pete Jones M55 06:45:55 Merit 92
    Dan Lewis M57 06:46:21 Merit 93
    Andrew Wright M37 06:50:57 Merit 102
    Mark James M50 07:16:33 Merit 146

    stats for 50 miles
    min 02:58:21
    max 10:36:08
    average 05:09:02
    total riders 412

    first name surname age time award rank
    Jane Hill F47 03:45:35 Silver 36
    Ian Walton M52 04:11:56 Merit 103
    Kim Griffiths F43 04:11:59 Bronze 104
    Celia Boothman F37 04:25:30 Merit 148
    Jonathon Doig M48 04:30:54 Merit 160


    As usual I failed to read all previous posts – so duplicated info 🙁
    So I finished last in updating info for event I didn’t even take part in

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