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    This Sunday is the Pembs bike ride at Haverfordwest RFC. Anyone wishing to cycle down we are meeting at Bloomfield at 7 30. Those lightweights who are driving down, we will meet you there at 8 30 for a team photo before setting off at 9.


    The Otters snout started twitching then… we doing the 50?


    See you there at 8.30 then.


    Mr and Mrs Lightweight

    Sweaty Eds

    As a featherweight, I’m planning to do the family ride and even that depends on being able to wake all the children up in time.

    Still, at least I can always console myself with the fact that I did the Daffodil Classic proper and cycled up Pendine hill for a second time to get home.


    We all met up at 8.45 had a group photo and the usual thing we where going to ride it as a club, in fairness this lasted for about 10 miles this was an achievement in itself, probably about 5 miles further than last year.

    This group as usual Roger,Andrew, new people to add to this list Anthony, Leighton, John from the Aces,Flapjack and I think the slinky otter, i got tailed off the back after another 3 miles, then not far from St Davids there they all where, the lead Dynamos group,they where on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road looking at wheels fiddling with cables, everyone looked OK so on i pressed as stopping to help would only mean being dropped as soon as the Dynamos train set off again.

    Then just before Broad Haven i looked around to see the Dynamos train being led by Roger, closing in at a rate of Knots it reminded me of watching the sky train in the T d F all in black leading out Cav except probably all about 2 stone over weight. John had also been dropped by now, no prisoners here.

    In the brief moment out of Broad Haven Roger tells me, that the Dynamos train was ripping along, Andrew was in front of Flapjack and somehow Flapjack managed to get his front wheel skewer tangled in Andrew rear derailleur cable and this ended in disaster, with Flapjack coming off and wrecking his front wheel, No reports on Flapjack was that the end of the race (charity ride).

    Then off Roger tore with only Andrew with a cable that was not changing gear properly and Anthony. Leighton rode back with me from here.

    All in all it was a good day averaged over 15mph happy with that.

    the above is all in good fun no offence meant 😆 😆


    …Annie Lennox – really? Jokes about George Michael probably not suitable for our forum; I am sure there are lots if you are interested on Slinky and Sweaty’s Trout Tickling site. Next some 12 year old covering the Floyd and Kaiser Chiefs doing the Who. Back to rip-off Britain so soon; but no its Fat Boy Slim! Oh no someone has stolen the Spice Girls from Madame Tussauds. Now slightly disappointed that Eric Idle did not perform his number nailed to a cross; I guess that’s PC for you (but he did get in a quick ‘shit’). Oh my god they have dug up Freddie Mercury, surely that is taking things a bit far? It’s OK, it was only a video and Freddy has morphed into a scantily clad Jessy J; good job Brian May has his guitar slung so low. Ethnic music time, it’s two Welsh male choirs. Boris waved the flag ever so very well didn’t he. Take That clearly fallen on hard times, looks like they just came out of the corporate hospitality suite doing the silver service. Someone has really cocked up now and forgotten to pay the gas bill; the flame has gone out! Irony upon irony, it’s the Who. They really did turn in their graves listening to the Kaiser Chiefs. Wiggo to do guest vocals perhaps? Er sadly no. Oooh, nice fireworks. Finally, if I may now share the sentiments of a nation, shut the f**k up Trevor Nelson. So that’s Olympics over. Swimmers and Athletes have four years to think of some new excuses as to why they performed so dismally. Follow that Rio and back to the action.

    The Lightweights met up with the Heavyweights (Featherweights no where to be seen) at 8.30 as agreed and behold what a sight, wall to wall Dynamo’s shirts eclipsing the Aces contingent (to be fair, most of the Aces were out cycling the Ironman Route for the 30th time this week, could make a joke about goldfish and retention spans but they already have enough to contend with living in Tenby…).

    The official photographer didn’t have a wide enough lens to get us all in the shot (for once due to numbers, rather than pies consumed) so our Chairman had to lie prostrate at our feet (front wheels) along with Roger and Anthony. A portent of things to come me thinks…

    Anyway, off we swept under leaden skies en-mass. As Huw pointed out, we lasted a full two hills before fracturing into the pro-peloton and the development (remedial) squad. This is one hill, or 5 miles better than last year.

    After a bit of indecision, Kim, Graham, Dylan, Rob, Deleme, Dan and I coalesced into a nice paced group enjoying fine views over the north Pembrokeshire coast. Deleme decided that he would go at his own pace and the group thinned to six.

    As usual the feed stop was a highlight as we gorged on jam sandwiches, flapjacks and haribos before the final push for home. We arrived back at the Rugby Club as a group to find that a) the rest of the Dynamos apart from Leighton had buggered off and b) Deleme had got back before us. This was not surprising and surprising respectively.

    Leighton regaled us with the tales of woe that befell Flapjack (he does seem to be on a bit of an unlucky streak at the moment and perhaps should concentrate on his cooking). However, it does sound like once again Mr Rees had a hand in his misfortune. Perhaps we could get some first hand accounts of the incident.

    A great ride in good company at a nice steady pace that made it enjoyable rather than an ordeal. Thanks must go to the organisers for another brilliant event.


    Much to Rogers despair his attempt at grabbing the limelight was overshadowed by a real crash. Enough has been written about that (except the bit where the Slinkster saved the day), so lets concentrate of the what, why’s and WTF’s of Rogers short off-road adventure.

    So the Slink was spearheading the ‘peloton’ down to St Davids when all of a sudden there was a rustling sound which could only mean we had a CODE ZERO i.e… wheel on verge. I turned round to see Roger – pale faced and sweaty struggling to control his stead which by now was doing no more that 2 mph. In the most pathetic way possible Roger then proceeded to ‘crash’ into the hedge, well it was more of a ‘lean’ given the speed.

    He skulked at the back of the group for a bit for a few miles, red faced and grassy.

    After some questioning about what had happened we concluded that nothing whatsoever had caused him to hit the verge other than him turning the front wheel of the bike towards the verge and then not turning the wheel to avoid the verge.

    A good first outing for the Slinkster for one of the longer rides. The pace was a bit hot for me if I’m honest, I got back to Narberth ready for the sofa (and not a marathon). All good training though. Congrats to Anthony for breaking his distance PB and thanks to Andrew and Roger for the good pace.


    I was very proud to see all the dynamos jerseys on Sunday – some isolated wearers seemed to be complete strangers not even in our inital peleton..clearly the gravitas of a dynamos shirt is getting close to ..say… that of Man United for example…the ebay price is likely to go up and up.

    A very enjoyable day..fancy keeping the peleton together for a record 5+ miles!

    I am be developing post traumatic stress disorder following by trip onto the verge..still at least it didn’t end with a fractured scapular as it did to Swanny a year ago ( still amazing the he went on and did the iron man with it! ).I hope that Flap Jack’s condition is better than that of his front wheel which will never turn again.

    Andrew and I are not used to being thanked for the pace ( the reverse is norm ) which leaves me to believe that we didn’t really go fast enough or attack the hills with enough aggression…still there’s always next time


    Hey Roger, check out this snap…

    Posted by TriExercise on Monday, 13 August 2012

    You could almost be my grandad.

    Rogue Dynamo 1 in the background identified as Aled Davies: Nephew of Kenny (the shirt printer).

    Rogue Dynamo 2 (link below) Adam Jon. He’s never been out with us.



    Email from Dorian

    Hi All

    Many thanks once again for supporting the Pembs Charity Bike Ride, I hope you enjoyed the slightly different course and the few extra climbs, I’ve attached a few photos from Malcolm Richards the photographer for your gallery though I’m not quite sure what Andrew Rees is suggesting to the young lady in pink with his water bottle!! Many thanks to Andrew again for the raffle prize. The total raised this year is going to be around the £16,000 mark which is amazing for a charity ride and we had about 480 riders taking part.

    Thanks, Dorian

    Perhaps Andrew would like to put us out of our misery?

    I will put the photos in the Gallery. If anyone else has any we could add please email them to info@www.narberthdynamos.co.uk


    Following on from Slinky, I think we need to differentiate between classes of Rouge.

    Class 1 Rouge: Cycling wearing a Dynamos Shirt to infer support, but not perhaps membership, of a sporting giant (‘the MUFC effect’ as Roger so eloquently put it) for which we should perhaps be flattered?

    Class 2 Rogue: Cycling with the Dynamos not having renewed your Club membership. This class of Rouge is diminishing rapidly for the responses received from recent reminder letter.

    Class 3 Rouge: Cycling with the Dynamos not having joined the Club at all.

    I hope this will inform future debate on the matter.


    Photos now in Gallery


    Following the comments made, I’m considering entering the “The Great British Bake Off” as alas the front wheel seen in the photo is now well and truly in the recycle skip! I may get better marks from Mary Berry than I’m currently getting with my cycling skills, although following 40 years of uneventful cycling my few months with the Dynamos has certainly been eventful! I got back to Haverfordwest via the very helpful holidays makers who turned out to be triathlon enthusiasts, hence the spare bike rack on their car, they said they saw what happened as they were following us, and in their words “the lone cyclist moved out, causing Andrew to move out into me and bizarrely his derailleur cable caught in my front quick release lever” although in this case not quick release, as I found myself attached to Andrew’s rear end, I was quickly flung off into the verge which unfortunately contained a lateral drainage ditch, which I hit with force, hence the cut face, sore arm, buckled wheel and embarrassment of yet another rear end collision with the chairman!

    Sweaty Eds

    I have further revelations regarding the coming together of our beloved butcher Chairman and the somewhat accident-prone baker.

    I cannot say where this information came from, to protect the innocent lets just call him ‘Jon’.

    I was in a local cycle shop earlier today and noticed aforementioned BBC’s somewhat battered steed. ‘Jon’ talked me through what he thought must have happened, at no point did he mention the word accident, he did however reveal APB’s bike quick release lever must have already been partly open before he plunged into into his victim’s rear end. A modern day equivalent of the slashing blades on Boudicca’s chariot.

    And he’s got previous…..

    Perhaps this could be a Class 4 Rogue (or Rouge?) 😈


    It seems the case of the butcher vs the baker will go on. Unlike flapjacks front wheel, mind you, every cloud… It will give him an opportunity to adopt some modern composites and leave the steel at home.

    I also have heard whispers, again from an anonymous source… A certain member of the lead group was feeling somewhat worse for ware Sunday evening. He asked his loose lipped partner not to let anyone in the group know. I will give you a clue though, his initial is A, surname Reese and he’s not a butcher.

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