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    If you fancy an alternative to the IM course with Slinky (roads packed with Aces doing it just one more time….) this is the route proposed by Huw several weeks ago that we abandoned due to the weather.


    So you have a choice of a thrash to the south, or a gentle tour to the north. As Andrew is unable to join us, we could even stop for a coffee in Tavernspite on the way back.

    See you Sunday.


    Well ValleyMan, I’m back and ready for a gentle tour to the north. Off again on Monday night so this will be my 1st and last since May. see you tomorrow.



    The persistent drizzle forecast to last all day had several members reaching for their phones (from presumably beneath the duvet). Huw ‘fair weather’ Morgan and Leighton advised that they would not be coming out.

    Torn between the guilt of posting a ride and not getting soaked to the skin again, I ventured out in the car in an act of solidarity with any idiots who decided to turn up. No prizes for guessing that a rather soggy Flapjack arrived just before 9.00; his excuse being the alternative was to look after the puppy (lesson for all aspiring dog owners…)

    Gary had cycled down from Login and Slinky arrived with that now familiar demented obsessive look of an IM competitor. Anthony tore into the car park in his truck apologising for being late but he had had a puncture and had to change his bike. A very practical solution to struggling with inner tubes.

    No sign of the Smurf….

    And then they were off. Slinky, Flapjack and Anthony set off on the well trodden path of the IM route leaving Gary to head north and home via Maenclochog.

    I got back in the car and went home for a well deserved cup of tea feeling not the slightest bit guilty.


    Cheers to Flapjack and Anthony for getting involved. It was good to have my legs back after last Sunday’s poor show. It dried up as we reached Canaston Bowl, yes, 65 miles to late, but at least it showed up! Dynamos top out through Narberth, game face on.

    Nice little hour run for me when I got back, felt like shit after, so as predicted this IM is going to be f&ckin horrendous… :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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