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    Sweaty Eds

    Count me in.


    Me and Jane are up for that valley man.


    I am up for food

    There is also a careless wisper that Andrew Wright is sharing with me :-) Can sort money out closer to time


    Count me in too


    Food for me please Mr ValleyMan.


    Jan and i will be there.


    Helen, Zara and i will be there(hopefully) :-)


    Food for me please plus one guest.


    Food for me too please. I assume we are walking? 1.6M according to google maps.


    I’m coming as well, Sue has a course in Cardiff that weekend so I’ll ride out from Milford with Rob Allen and possibly a few others, I’m guessing the Dynamos are joining forces with the Aces for this little undertaking?

    I’ll be staying in a small hotel in Cardiff with Sue and rejoin everyone for the Carten proper. Looking forward to the challenge. Will have very tired legs following the Sarn Helen the previous Sunday. Hey ho!


    It`s great we will have so many riding with us up on the Narcar. Perhaps we should do what the carten have done and make everyone wear the same tops. In our case it would be our Dynamo shirts.
    And i think we should make sure everyone has insurance to ride. Maybe check that everyone riding has joined our club.
    So fellow members, your guests riding with us, can you please ask that they join our club so that they are covered by insurance. And can i forewarn Kenny at Fossa sports to get more Dynamo shirts in stock ready for the rush!


    Hi All
    Is there a map download for the friday run so I can get it on my Garmin so when I get lost I knw where to go just in case.
    Regards Stumpy


    Hi All, I will be joining you on the way up and if your nice to me (and I don’t annoy you) on the way back too.  Looking forward to it and meeting people before I join the club fully (and partake of some Sunday rides) I will also be at the Angel this Sunday.



    This is the route below.


    There seems to be quite a few people riding up this year, so a few rules
    This is Not a race, it is a club ride
    No person is to be left behind, we will regroup at every junction or at the top of each climb.
    If a mechanical happens we need to wait until this is fixed or another plan is put in place
    On the day we will issue a list of telephone numbers, if the group gets split there are contact details

    Again i would make the point this is club ride and is an enjoyable day out the same as last year. So lets enjoy and leave the testosterone home


    Here here.

    I’m counting on it being a sensible ride. I’m leaving everything I have on the Sarn Helen on Sunday, I’m so far behind on my training regime I need to do something daft to pick things up.

    After the Sarn Helen, there will be no bounce left in my legs, I need a sensible ride up to Cardiff so we can all enjoy the Carten. Especially as there is the small matter of the 20 miles to Narberth to meet you guys and the final 20 miles home from Tenby!

    Are we meeting the Aces as well? Seems silly for two groups to travel up separately.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 86 total)
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