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    Our annual jolly to Cardiff is on 10/11th May. We will cycle up on friday, stay over and cycle back to Tenby on the saturday.

    We stayed at the premier inn, cardiff city centre last year. At the momment the rooms are £44 for a double, good value. So, anyone interested, if you can pair up and book asap to get the cheaper rate.


    Booked the Friday off work, now just need the hotel. Better check if the wife wants to stay before I go searching for a man in lycra to bunk up with!


    Quite fancy a slice of that.

    Q: Are we talking cafe’s and bacon butties on the Friday, or all out ‘get there’?

    Q: Are we talking cafe’s and bacon butties on the Saturday, or all out ‘get there’?

    I hope they don’t have those minging orange shirts this year, the Slinkster looks his (very) best in black and red..

    Thank you.



    As i said in my fantastic end of season dinner speech (which you couldn`t be arsed to attend). It was one of the highlights of the summer for me. Especially the ride up on the friday. We left narberth at 9am and got into cardiff at about 5 30. So a very gentle ride up with plenty of stops on the way.

    Pretty much the same coming home with only a sprint up to the sporting chance (just to wind Roger up) the only time we put the hammer down.

    So get onto premier inn and book those rooms.


    Slinky the leisurely pace was a.function of the numerous ‘comfort’ stops and punctures. Not a cafe stop in sight. On the subject of not being arsed, I hope your award now has pride of place on the mantlepiece.


    If my tandem plans come off I’ll be unable to do the prolog again….with regards to the main event, Vicki ( my stoker wife ) has made it very clear to me that she is not prepared to wait more than 4 hours at The Sporting Chance ( eight Whiskey and cokes ) for the rest of the club….


    I didn’t realised you’d made a speech butcherboy, I hope Martin didn’t mind you standing on the chair.

    Martin mentioned an award was handed to him in my absence, when I asked about its potential second hand value he said it was negligible so that was a disappointment.

    I trust you all had a good time?

    Premier Inn’s are for peasants. I’ll be lording it from the metaphorical Ivory tower of the St.Davids hotel. I’ll see you at the start line.


    Just booked the premier inn,penthouse suit with jaccusi so the narcar is on.


    Mr and Mrs ValleyMan have now booked a room in the Peasant’s Hostelry and are looking forward to some team bonding in the jaccusi….


    It’s official; Butcherboy and Flapjack have divorced, following a year of what can only be described as a love hate relationship, love the hills hate the close wheel attention, the butcher has decided that sharing a room with a rear end shunter would be too exhausting considering the 100 mile return journey. I am therefore up for a proposition from anyone requiring a spare bed on the Friday night; best suggestion for the night’s entertainment secures the bed! Yours hopefully Flapjack


    Me & cousin plan to come along maybe his wife too


    Update on Carten entries from Tenby Aces Forum

    The Registration date has been put back till the 27th of January due to getting the on-line payment system up and running. Peter did say it may go live a few days earlier so I would suggest checking the Carten website from the 20th onwards. Everything else is the same as the previous post which I’ve pasted underneath :


    Just a reminder that the Carten100 bike ride will be open for registration very soon. This year I believe all entries will be on-line so you’ll have to pay with a Debit/Credit card at the point of entering. It filled up within about a week last year so make sure you get in early as this year, once it’s full it’s full. The date of the ride is Saturday May 11th.

    To keep check when entries are open and for more information please click on the following link to the Carten website http://www.carten100.co.uk/


    I registered on the Carten100 website http://www.carten100.co.uk/ a few weeks ago and just received this email. Suggest you do the same if you are doing the ride to ensure you get one of the 1,000(!) places.

    Have you Registered for 2013?

    For 2013 we are limiting the entry to 1000 riders and the 2013 Entry Form will open on the website on Wednesday 30th January. We plan to thank those who have previously supported the event and have registered with Carten 100 by providing early access to the 2013 Entry Form via a further newsletter on Monday 28th January.

    Please note, there will be a new entry system with added features and the ability to pay online. We expect the places to fill up quickly for 2013 so give yourself an advantage! In 2012 the ride filled up in two weeks.


    Have now registered my interest on the Carten site and with Flapjack so see you all in May, hopefully, maybe even Sunday too…

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