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    Please find set out below details of Narberth Dynamos ‘contribution’ to Narberth Civic Week 2013.

    Following on from the success of the family ride last year we are going to do it again. The ride will be on Sunday 21 July 2013 starting at 0900 (does anyone think 1000 would be better?) from Bloomfield using the same route: out to Creswell Quay for refreshments and then back to Narberth via Tanners Lane. It would be good to get as many Dynamos out as possible and please spread the word. We will be putting posters up around the town.

    As if that was not enough excitement, we are going to cycle as a Club from Lands End to John O’Groats in 24 hours between noon on Friday 27 July 2013 and noon on Saturday 28 July 2013 (did I forget to mention this is on Turbo trainers?). This is a distance of 874 miles in 24 hours.


    We therefore need 24 club members to volunteer to do two, one hour sessions over the 24 hours cycling in pairs. Shelter from the blazing summer sun will be provided by a marquee/gazebo/awning in the High Street (myself and Sweaty are going on a scouting mission on Friday to look at potential locations).

    We will be holding a raffle to raise money for the Paul Satori Foundation and hope to secure prizes from local businesses. Please let me know if you are able to donate a prize, or know someone we could ask. There will be two ‘spare’ bikes set up for people to have a go in return for a donation.

    Apart from in the wee hours of the morning, we will therefore need people to sell tickets, collect donations, keep track of the miles covered and generally tend to the needs of the pair on the Turbos. The easiest way to organise this is to ask volunteers to arrive an hour early, however, this means we would be looking for a commitment of two blocks of two hours. There may be people who would be happy to help out but not go on the Turbos.

    We will probably have to record the miles travelled using bike computers. This means you will need a speed sensor on the rear wheel.

    Please could you post up here if you are able to help, the hours you will be able to do and if you are prepared to be flexible on times. I will then draw up a rota.

    Any questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

    Matt Johns

    I thought we’d decided on a venue, outside Hillhouse at the top of the High Street? Anyway i’m on holiday all week so will be around to help whenever required. Let me have a poster for work and i will also post it on the intranet.


    Re venue; bit concerned at space available and blocking estate agent. Might look at the area of grass opposite a well known butchers shop as an alternative. Will report back after the venue sub-committee has completed a site visit and come to a considered opinion over a pint in the Ivy.

    Thanks for the offer of pubicity. We have to get Leighton wound up…


    Opposite my shop would be great. I could provide us all with food all day. Not during the night mind you. I could burn some onions for any veggies in our club!!


    Valleyman I will be back in the country on Sunday, let me know what you need?


    I can’t see a reason why I can’t do the turbo,
    but give me time and I’ll find one!

    I’ll ask in work about prizes.


    Me and mrs Rees will be there.


    I know I am mr change the route – but beginners ride it is better to go princes gate not up the grove – that way meant the beginners ended up riding the whole ride on their own last year!

    Have a few beginners rides on subsequnt weeks to encourage people to come back

    If I am around I will do it – will find out shortly


    I can do either of ’em, just let me know whats what!


    I can help you out on the Friday. Working Saturday, if its outside Andrew shop do we get free pork rolls ,,

    Pete Jones

    I’ll be away for the family ride, and possibly working on Friday 26th. Can you put me down for a couple of turbo shifts from 5am Saturday morning.  I’ll let you know nearer the time if I’m not working on the Friday.



    Can I check the dates on the Landsend  to John O’Groats as it says ‘noon on Friday 27 July 2013 and noon on Saturday 28 July 2013’…

    I’m available Friday afternoon


    why not ask members to commit to riding a certain number of miles

    Is it worth checking if the previous weekend more members are available


    Right it’s commitment time.

    The 24 hour Lands End to John O’Groats turbo session is less than two weeks away. Please could you confirm your availability for the event starting at noon on Friday 26 July until noon on Saturday 27 July.

    We need two people for each of the 24 one hour sessions. Hopefully you can do two sessions or might to prefer a single 2 hour stint. We will need you to be there at least half an hour before your session(s).

    Please can you confirm the time or times you can do. If you can be flexible please let us know so we can put a rota together.

    Please post your availability here with preferred times and length of session you would like to do.


    a rota!!!!! like I said I’m flexibly available Friday from noon

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 99 total)
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