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    I have asked Huw to put the route on the forum for the Narcar.

    Julie, if weather is bad tomorrow then I will see you in the Ivy at 6.30.


    Hi all, sorry I cannot be with you this year work has got in the way.

    Here are a couple of routes

    This is 2012 route, this does not take in road from Red Roses to LLanddowror, but I am sure you can work this bit out.

    This is 2014 route this was changed to this due to people wanting to go in to Cardiff on a different route on hindsight this was not the best option

    I will leave it to you all to decide, any problems viewing routes let me know and I will change format.

    Have a good trip

    Pete Jones

    I can’t attend the meeting as I’m in Sweden – back in the early hours Friday.

    But, I’m doing the NARCAR and have my bag already packed and ready to go!



    Any chance you can forward me the confirmation of the room (hotel, name booked and booking reference, either on here or to 0777 3553434 or andrewwright9@gmail.com?

    At the moment I have a meeting Friday morning which I’m trying to get out of, but if I can’t I’m going to have to catch the train with my bike and bag and meet you all in Cardiff at the hotel.

    I should be in the the Ivy tonight for a quick pint



    Andrew I will do it tonight


    I will not Narcar this year but I am getting a lift up on Friday. There will be room in the car for bags and so, if it helps, bags can be left at my office (7 St James Street) and I will make sure they make their way to the Premier Inn. I am not sure when the car is coming back so cannot promise a return service atm


    Following the meeting this evening this is what’s occuring:

    Please bring your bags to Bloomfield between 08.30 -08.45am on Friday morning where Dan  will kindly take them to Cardiff.

    If you are doing the NarCar we are departing Bloomfield at 09.00am and cycling the 2012 route as posted by Huw earlier. So far Clover, Pete, Flapjack,Stumpy and probably  Andrew W  are cycling there. Please could you add your name to the forum if you are going and also if you would like your bag taken so we have an idea of numbers.

    We are waiting confirmation whether Dan will be able to bring our bags back to Tenby. Alternative arrangement will be to use the Sofa Sofa lorry ( using luggage tag enclosed with rider number etc)

    I am going by train to Cardiff on Friday afternoon.





    I’ll be riding up to Caaaaaaaaaaarrrrdiff!!


    I confirm I will be doing the Narcar and Carten and gratefully except the offer from Dan to take my bag from Narberth Bloomfield Friday 08:30hours to the Cardiff Premier Inn and hopefully return it to Tenby on Saturday (I’ll use the Sofa Sofa lorry to return it if the return offer isn’t possible). Also, a question to Clover – do you still need the bed in the room I’ve booked for that unfinished business?


    Thanks Julie for the update, and thanks Dan for your kind offer to transport the bag’s.
    Flapjack..Yes please for the bed…I feel the tension rising 🙂


    I’m riding up too, not sure I like the look of the last climb!!!

    I have booked into the Novotel Hotel, fancied a swim at the end!  I will be in Narberth if all goes well.

    See you all then


    My daughter Bethan has managed to get us 10 free passes for the health club at the Park Plaza Hotel which includes sauna, jacuzzi, gym! And pool if you can fit it in! Also if we wish we can eat at the Plaza bar (closes at 9.30pm with 15% discount.


    Bags I a free pass to food swim drink massage & free free free anything pls!!


    May I also bags a pass please, sounds fab after a long day in the saddle and I’ll then be nice and refreshed for Clover!


    Hi all i’am as well great full for dan taken the bags up I will use the sofa sofa lorry on the way back I will see you all in Bloomfield on Friday thank you for the kind offer Julie but in my case it would mean I have to take to many legs up with .

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