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    Bad news & Good News

    Bad News is route does essentially motorway/ dual carriage way st clears to carmarthen at rush hour & probably some people will get killed / injured

    Good news is we have a doctor & if anyone is killed there will ne more room & food for the rest :)

    Can’t we go a more scenic route missing out main roads



    This is the best way to get to Carmarthen otherwise we will still be in Carmarthenshire at 2 o,clock in the afternoon trying to find our way out.

    Not sure where you live, but by the time we get to St Clears it will around 9.30

    so any rush hour should be over.

    We don’t have a doctor

    If we cycle to Bancyfelin, we can then follow old road and then their is cycle path to Carmarthen


    All good see you tomorrow morning at 9 at bloomfield


    …I’ll bring an elastoplast just to be on the safe side.

    PS ButcherBoy says we have to be there at 8.30, or is that just me to make sure I arrive by 9.00?


    Following an unforgettable two days for which I am very grateful and wish to add my thanks to all, I have, as a precaution before Valley Man puts a story or two on the Forum, taken advice from counsel regarding two alleged incidents! The advice received is:

    Should Butcherboy consider taking any further action, my evidence of secretly filmed torture whilst in a shared room could be used as mitigating evidence.

    Should Sweaty Eddie consider an insurance claim for whiplash, then he may have to wait a long time. The custodial sentence for an alleged offence, for which I have now obtained, name and address of a cyclist witness, would be considerable.

    I rest my case!


    Hi guys n girls,

    Thanks for a great two days of cycling, I am looking forward to next years jaunt already.

    Andrew, in your defence of Richards unprovoked attack on the mountain I will stand up in a court of law to defend your innocence. I witnessed the whole event as Richard passed me screaming your name, with the look of what can only be described as the face of the exorcist :evil:, he rammed you from behind (from what I gather not for the last time over the weekend) which backfired on Richard as he was sent crashing to the tarmac. When asked by myself if he wanted “help to straighten his bike” in anger he ripped the bottle cage from the frame and threw it into the hedge, by this time I was frightened and close to tears. I have to stop there or I will not be sleeping again tonight, but that’s another story,(Sweaty, what happens on tour stays on tour) :P

    Great ride, Great company, Great time. Thank you. :P

    Sweaty Eds

    Sorry not to make the club ride this morning, I’ve got a really sore neck. I’ve had a medic look at it (luckily there was a Narberth GP at the finish line yesterday) and he confirmed that my injuries are consistent with being shunted (his words) from the rear. Quite nasty, apparently.

    Top couple of days, great routes, great company, great fun.

    In my mind, our route up, the NARCAR, is already a classic ride, absolutely epic. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

    Good luck to those club members doing the second day of their double century today.

    Sweaty Eds

    Punctures – The Walton Way

    First, ensure plentiful supply of punctures by riding along pothole-ridden, hawthorn-strewn cycle path.

    Then, when inevitable puncture results, pull over to side of road and initiate the inner tube change procedure.

    1. Carefully place gloves on handy barrier.

    2. Carefully remove spare inner tube and tyre levers from saddlebag.

    3. Carefully place dust cap and washer from burst tyre on handy barrier.

    4. Deftly slip tyre from rim using tyre levers.

    5. Rashly slam tyre lever onto handy barrier causing previously carefully placed objects to fall into long grass and disappear from view.

    6. Scowl at offer of assistance to find previously carefully placed objects now nestling deep in the undergrowth.

    7. Carefully examine punctured inner tube looking for tiny pin prick.

    8. Scowl when assistant suggests it may be more appropriate to do that away from speeding traffic when other club members are not waiting for us.

    9. Carefully place dust cap and washer from replacement tyre on handy barrier.

    10. Deftly slip new inner tube into position and replace tyre using tyre levels.

    11. Rashly slam tyre lever onto handy barrier for a second time causing previously carefully placed objects to fall into long grass and disappear from view.

    12. Scowl.

    13. Rejoin peloton.

    14. Stop every 400-500 yards to reinflate tyre until the need to re-replace inner tube becomes overpowering.

    15. Repeat steps 1 to 15.

    Truly a masterclass. 😆


    Great day yesterday..thanks to all for the pleasure of their company.

    After cycling back with Andrew yesterday evening I got to Princes Gate and made the decision to keep going West. I arrived back in Cardiff at 23.15 .

    I overslept this morning and didn’t actually arrive back in Pembs until 17.00 ….coming up LLanddowror hill with 320 miles in your legs is not much fun….now where shall I go tomorrow?


    For those who are interested the stats for our trip to Cardiff was

    Distance: 100.11 mi

    Time: 6:35:44

    Avg Speed: 15.2 mph

    Elevation Gain: 5,491 ft

    Calories: 2,919 C

    Avg Temperature: 54.1 °F



    Time: 6:35:44

    Moving Time: 6:33:08

    Elapsed Time: 8:34:28

    Avg Speed: 15.2 mph

    Avg Moving Speed: 15.3 mph

    Max Speed: 39.8 mph



    Elevation Gain: 5,491 ft

    Elevation Loss: 5,753 ft

    MinElevation: 10 ft

    MaxElevation: 1,745 ft

    The Carten 100 stats was

    Distance: 100.86 mi

    Time: 6:20:41

    Avg Speed: 15.9 mph

    Elevation Gain: 4,068 ft

    Calories: 2,626 C

    Avg Temperature: 56.3 °F



    Time: 6:20:41

    Moving Time: 6:19:03

    Elapsed Time: 8:10:26

    Avg Speed: 15.9 mph

    Avg Moving Speed: 16.0 mph

    Max Speed: 34.3 mph



    Elevation Gain: 4,068 ft

    Elevation Loss: 4,079 ft

    MaxElevation: 525 ft


    Valley girl asked me for my Date Bars recipe, here it is:


    250ml water

    200g (stoned weight) chopped dates

    175g plain flour

    0.5tsp bicarbonate of soda

    175g soft light brown sugar

    100g porridge oats

    175g diced butter

    Pinch of salt

    200mm x 200mm cake tin


    1. Line the cake tin with grease proof paper.

    2. Place water and chopped dates in medium saucepan and bring to simmer. Cook for about 10min uncovered on a low heat until the date mixture is very soft and thick by stirring and prodding. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

    3. Sift flour, bicarb, sugar and salt into large mixing bowl. Add the oats and butter and using fingers rub it all together into moist little clumps like the top of a crumble pie.

    4. Firmly press half of the mixture into the bottom of the cake tin smoothing over with the back of a spoon. Spread the date mixture evenly over this, then sprinkle the remaining oat mixture over this and flatten gently with back of fingers.

    5. Bake in pre heated oven at 180 C for approx 40 mins or until golden brown on top.

    6. Allow to cool and cut into bars. Can be frozen.

    7. Got me to Cardiff and back together with flapjacks recipe already supplied!


    Thank you clover for that witness account. Just had my rear wheel back from the forensic sicentist and they were able to assertain what hit me from behind and at what speed. It was judged to be a classic peugot bike that was travelling at a speed of at least 22 mph. Now considering we were half way up the bwlch and i was doing about 10 mph it makes sense that the screaming i heard from behind to “get out of my f****** way” meant i had little or no time at all to move over.

    So flapjack i suggest you destroy those tapes you got of us in the hotel room and we will say no more about it.

    It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you to Huw for arranging the route up. Big thank you to Helen for transporting our bags up. I think we all enjoyed it so much we will make this an annual event.

    ps. Special thanks to Roger for leading us up Llanddowror allowing me the Cavendish moment over the top. Perhaps if he hadn`t wasted his energy in questioning my parentage as i flew past him he might have kept up!!!


    That date bar is not the same as the one in Cardiff last friday. I certainly don`t recall rolled oats but i do remember some nuts flying around!!

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