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    If today had been any other sportif rather than the Tour of Pembs I would have stayed in bed! But as it was our local sportif, felt I had to make an effort to take part. Well done to all those who did. Roger and I decided to do the short route as did 99% of those who registered. Well done to anyone who mangaged the long route – not sure if they’re brave or mad! Considering the poor conditions, Roger and I were pleased to get around in 3 hours 50 minutes. Well actually, I again won our unofficial race; despite Roger elbowing me out of the way and desperately scrambling to get his chip read before mine to gain those extra few seconds, he still managed to come in a long 5 seconds after me! Roger being Roger he took it all in good spirit and rumours that he was heard to loudly declare “he allegedly beat me by 5 seconds” are totally unfounded!I think that makes it 6-0!! Never mind Roger – always next year!!! 😉


    Utter madness…no not the decision to go out in the pouring rain…no ….the timing situation…I was the victim of cold fingers this time rather than inferior legs!…I’m a few extra seconds than Andrew closer to my grave…….and I’m now going into sportive retirement and marriage guidance!……


    What can I say? Anyone looking out of the window today can’t have failed to notice it was pissing down with rain and blowing a gale. Whilst the rain is welcome (if our well dries up we will be in all sorts of trouble..) why today? It was hard to believe that yesterday I was cutting the grass getting a sunburnt nose.

    Local knowledge, short arms and deep pockets saw most of the Dynamos congregating at the free parking bays at the Junior School. Boyish enthusiasm saw Mark, Dylan, Graham and myself leap out of the cars and get tooled up for the ride. Kim and Celia took a more mature approach and buggered off back home.

    Any pretence of having a go at the full distance evaporated as the rain hammered down, a feeling shared by all, including the Dynamic Duo. A quick briefing, including a minute silence for those that lost their lives at Chevron, and we were off. The mini-mass start turned out to be a mass start due the reduced numbers (where were you Aces?) My overshoes filled up with water just paddling to the start pen.

    As might be anticipated (see post above) Roger ‘it is not an ornament’ and Andrew tore off up St Brides Hill never to be see again. Mark offered to keep me company (read drag me round) but the general chatter subsided as the intensity of the rain increased. Probably the worst bit was the short drag along the main road from Roch before turning off to Broad Haven – wind in your face and torrential rain. We stopped at the feed station at Broad Haven completely drenched and started getting really cold very quickly. It was almost a relief to warm up on the hill out.

    Arriving at Neyland Bridge was like hitting a wall. I crawled across it in bottom gear until I was passed by a small pack that I managed to hold onto until I met up with Mark again on the far side. Mark politely asked if I fancied doing the 82 when we reached Pembroke; I think it was a rhetorical question.

    We decided to give the Pembroke feed station a miss and for once the wind was edging behind us so we made reasonable time back to Tenby then one final climb up to New Hedges and a fast decent to the finish with no brakes…

    We finished in 4:32 at an average speed of 14.4mph, considerably slower than I did the Long Course the week before. I almost got warm with a bowl of Pasta before it was back on the bike back up to the car by which time my lovely certificate had turned to paper mache. Never was a hot shower so welcome.

    Thanks to Mark for dragging me round and well done to all who ventured out when the sensible thing would have been to stay in bed.

    PS Roger, perhaps in your quest to beat Andrew you could try getting a new bike, oh you already did that!


    In my ongoing attempt to buy success I’m now saving for the Orbea “platinum”..the gold is simply not going to be fast enough..this version should be available in 2014 at a cost of £21,000. Its comprised of an ultra light weight alloy of platinum and titanium,has 76 gears and is even self-cleaning….Its is either that or a stunt double in the form of Bradley Wiggins..negotiations continue


    Well done to everyone who did short course stats are based 183 completing

    time speed

    minimum 03:42:35 17.52

    maximum 07:21:36 8.83

    mean 05:06:14 12.74

    median 05:04:53 12.79

    10% 03:59:40 16.27

    25% 04:29:12 14.49

    Roger & Andrew 9th & 10th


    Roger, sound like that should do the trick. Interested to see how 76 gears would work; triple with 25 cogs or double with 38. I think you would need a ‘wide load’ Police escort.

    Re Plan b), Brad is clearly going to have to loose a few pounds to pass himself off, still it will be good for his TdF preparation. I would just worry if he is medically trained or you could end up with a malpractice claim.

    As a final observation, could it be a case of not seeing the wood for the trees, after all you did manage to beat 173 other idiots who took to the road on Sunday!


    Okie doke,

    That was a wild white water ride but I have one question…

    David Swan M42 08:52:55

    1 – Goodwick 2 – Castlemartin Finish

    02:51:58 04:33:18 01:27:39

    Where was the link between Sunday’s log flume experience and a cycle sportive? :D :D :D

    Egads that was a tough one, what a season it has been, The Angel was anything but! The Wales Sportive was like a ride in an oven, followed by a final 9 hours in a dishwasher!!!

    I would like to extend a warm congratulations to my fellow idiots who can’t work out when you really should stay at home. Well done chaps, it was an experience!

    Looking forward to catching up with you guys one day.



    A little inter club view

    riders av time speed

    Pembs Velo 5 04:02:32 16.08

    Narberth Dynamos 8 04:45:17 13.67

    Tenby Aces 3 04:45:45 13.65


    Full comparison

    riders time speed

    Cardiff JIF 1 03:44:41 17.36

    Pembrokeshire Velo 6 04:01:49 16.13

    Velo Teifi 2 04:31:52 14.35

    Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club 5 04:37:00 14.08

    Narberth Dynamos 8 04:45:17 13.67

    Tenby Aces 3 04:45:45 13.65

    Ystwyth CC 6 04:50:02 13.45

    Cardiff Ajax 3 05:06:54 12.71

    Team SemLogistics 14 05:14:45 12.39

    Pembrokeshire Freewheelers ctc 5 05:40:42 11.45

    Whitland Wheelers 2 05:44:28 11.32

    next events http://www.cyclosport.org/

    Merlin Carmarthen 3rd July http://www.merlincycletours.co.uk/content/view/26/47

    Iron Mountain Abergevenny 9th July http://www.abergavennyfestivalofcycling.co.uk/abergavennyNews.aspx


    Dylan has finally dried out his camera and sent some photos that give a true flavour of the day :D

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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