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    Here is the route for Sunday down to Pembroke 45 miles, wrap up it going to be cold

    Bloomfield at 9 :-)



    I will meet you at Canaston Bowl


    Before I get lampooned about not going out with the club this morning – let me explain! Picked up man flu from my youngest son on Friday- not feeling too good coming home from work last night so though I’d give cycling a miss. Had a lovely lie on until 9.30 – something I haven’t done since a teenager!! Looked out of window – saw clear blue skies and sun shining and couldn’t resist.

    Did almost the same route as planned, saw lots of cyclists out including at least 6/8 Aces. Saw Mat G in Jameston and saw one cyclist with a dynamos top on – Aled I think.

    Just got back – not sure if I did the right thing cycling with a cold – trouble is there is no one medically trained in the club that I can check with!! I heard you all called around and I was very touched to think you cared that much about me (or was it to take the piss??)! Hope Janice gave you all coffee!


    Same here, not man flu though, just over slept woke up at 9! Anyway did 40 miles up over the preseli’s on my own thinking everyone was out on the club ride and down Pembroke way. On my travels I saw one lady cyclist (VP) at the top of the Bwlch and then low and behold three Dynamos in Maenchlochog heading on an afternoon ride, no names mentioned!


    Brace yourself Butcherboy..getting your excuses in early will not save you..Janice was great …16 coffees and one tea..with sugar..”Full English” and the offer of your Sunday lunch…

    Sweaty Eds

    Great Sporting Lies

    As the pressure to succeed in all forms of our sporting lives increases so the temptation to cheat or lie becomes too much for some individuals. I have listed a few of the more famous or, indeed, infamous examples below. In some cases it is obvious what the individuals had to gain, in others it’s a little less clear cut.

    So, in no particular order.

    The Russian Olympic Modern Pentathlete, Boris Onischenko, (alhough he wasn’t especially honest) who rigged up his fencing sword to register a successful hit at random times during his contests. Result; found out, thrown out and humiliated.

    Diego Maradona and the Hand of God. Chubby little Diego somehow convinced the ref that he managed to outjump strapping Peter Shilton and nod the ball into the net for the opening goal of the World Cup semi-final when, as everyone else knew, he’d actually used his hand. Result; quite brilliant second goal, another World Cup win for Argentina, revenge for The Sun’s ‘Gotcha’ headline? No remorse

    Ben Johnson winning the 1988 100m Olympic gold with a little help from his Swedish/Serbian friend, Anna Bolic Steroid. Result; found out, thrown out, humiliated.

    My mate, Simon Pearson, who, during a school games lesson cross-country run, happened across his Nan in her car. She gave him a lift for two of the five miles and he won the race by about twenty minutes. Result; I think we had the last laugh really because he got himself selected for the school cross-country squad and ended up 72nd and last in the County Sports.

    Quite a lot of skullduggery has been unearthed in cycling circles. A few years ago there was that chap who had a condom full of someone else’s urine strapped under his arm that he squeezed out when he was drug tested. There was poor old Marco Pantani and Tom Simpson and now we all wait to see what Lance will say to Oprah, but the biggest cycling lie happened right in our own back yard.

    It appears that a cyclist of previous exemplary repute sent a text earlier today saying he couldn’t join us our regular club ride because he had ‘man-flu’. Well everyone on the ride was obviously concerned, in fact one new member was so upset that he could not continue past Bluestone. The conversation for the whole ride revolved around this one topic. One of the GP’s with us insisted we swing past his surgery so he could pick up the very latest antiviral to see if this would help our Beloved Chairman. Well, to cut a long story short, when we rolled through the gates of the Ludchurch Manor House and up to the imposing entrance, we found Lady and Viscount Rees at home but no sign of his Lordship. ‘Out on his bike’ we were told and with that we were given two minutes to get off the estate before she let the dogs out.

    Devastated doesn’t really seem a strong enough term to describe the emotions of the assembled throng. Let’s just say that we all knew how that little boy felt, who, after the Chicago White Sox had been accused of throwing the 1919 World Series, shouted to Shoeless Jackson, ‘Say it ain’t so, Joe’. So we say to you, ‘How couldya, Butcher!’.


    Tut tut tut ( the club is indeed blessed to have some brilliant historians to document the twists and turns of Dynamo life )….I look forward to further responses and justifications and not just to Oprah


    Fellow Dynamos, is there something we can do, you know, vote-wise or something that casts this disgrace of chairman out into the cycling club wilderness?

    I think we should make him wear an Aces top for a month as a punishment.

    I decided a run was in order this morning, so I ploughed myself around 9 miles of Canaston woods. Bloody cold!


    First the excuses. This week, once again it was our intention to get to Bloomfield by 0900, however…

    As I peered out of the bedroom window wondering how many layers might be required, I had the temerity to ask Mrs ValleyMan how cold it was as she had already been out to unleash the chickens. Rather than simply providing an objective response, she simply threw open the bedroom window instantly reducing my glorious manhood to something that wasn’t.

    Suitably attired I headed to the shed to complete the ritual tooling up with spare tires and putting on my overshoes, however, in the few minutes out in the cold my fingers had gone numb so I had to find a pair of pliers to pull up the zips. 1 precious minute lost.

    Throwing caution to the wind, we tried to make up lost time along a very slippery Valley Road but our best endeavours were thwarted by traffic lights on Northfield Road and we arrived 2 minutes late. Now clearly, if the lengthy potential delay had been posted on the BBC travel page as one might have reasonably anticipated, we could have taken this into account and adjusted our departure time accordingly.

    Once the now ritual piss taking had subsided, it was just possible to identify the individuals who had assembled for the ride from their rather more generous than usual outlines caused in part (Xmas excess clearly still an issue for some) by numerous extra layers of clothing. Sweaty, Flapjack, Roger, Jonathon, Nick G and Huw were joined by new members Tim and Dave who decided to make the step up from Tuesday Turbo sessions. However, as has been reported elsewhere, there was no sign of the Chairman.

    We decided that the advertised route might be a bit hazardous so headed out of Narberth via Coxhill. A speeding black van screeched to a halt up ahead disgorging our third new member for the ride, Sian, Roger’s Partner (from his practice in case you were worried).

    The harsh conditions took their toll and Dave retired at Canesten Bridge due to the risk of frostbite to his fingers.

    All this delay and an unplanned detour meant we were late at our rendezvous with LegalEagle who couldn’t be arsed to wait and decided to go it alone. However, as we approached Canasten Bowl, peering ahead we could just make out the mesmerising glinting of the low morning sun off his rapidly rotating peddles. In no time, the peloton was upon him.

    Roger, having made sure he had told everybody that Sian was a sub 13 hour Ironman, resorted to his alpha-male type (‘willy-waving’ as Huw delicately put it) and made a point of sprinting away up the hills.

    Nick kept the rest of us at a steady pace and we rode together in tight knit group on what was turning out to be a beautiful morning and clearly popular with cyclists and joggers alike. As we headed down the hill to Hodgeston, a moron decided to overtake us towards the blind bend at the bottom. Just as they came alongside the now slightly strung out group, a car came around the corner in the opposite direction. As the potential drama unfolded, LegalEagle was reaching for his cards, however, disaster was averted and the potential for a class action abated as both cars slowed to a halt finishing bumper to bumper as we serenely rolled past.

    This did lead me to ponder on the extensive range of professional services available on hand to Club Members on this frosty morning ride; two GPs and an Osteopath to tend to our ailments, legal counsel should the need arise (see above), a pharmacist to help us get up the hills and a GIS expert (Tim) to ensure we didn’t get lost. Sadly, I couldn’t think of any immediate benefit of having one IT specialist and four others allied with the construction industry unless we stopped for a very long coffee break.

    Talking of which, rolling into Tenby (breaking the 9th line of the Dynamos Prayer), we pulled over for a discussion about the highlight of the ride, the proposed coffee stop. Regrettably the weak-willed, lily-livered waiverers were quickly won over by the force of argument of the doubters and a ‘consensus’ was reached that resulted its abandonment. Tim was understandably and justifiably gutted.

    The now well-trodden path back to Narberth was followed via Stepaside and Ludchurch where, as reported above, we called in to check on the ailing health of Chairman ‘call that a proper job’ ButcherBoy Chavez. This is story that will doubtless run and run…

    The 42 miles were covered in some 3.5 hours. No sign just yet of Roger’s entrance into the world of Strava, however, he seems perfectly content for the time being just keeping abreast of the temperature on his new toy. I am sure we can look forward to lots more willy-waving once he gets round to reading the manual.


    Update Roger is now on Strava, and he has now probably compared his times on the climbs yesterday to the rest of the world who have done them in the past and thought there is a lot of willy-waving to do to get top on Strava :D


    My excuse time..

    A) No road bike!

    New beautiful bike in Mike’s Bikes being built with my other bike stripped in the garage awaiting a decent clean and new brakes, tape and wheel

    B) Hole in hand!

    Stupidly stick a knife through my hand two weeks ago and can’t yet grip bars

    That said I did sneak a 21 mile leisurely ride on the hybrid yesterday afternoon to test the hand. Turns out it still works… just.


    Penance for the Chairman

    Hi Got the following second hand club kit in the shop if anyone interested. It’s the first club kit with the sponsors on but in excellent condition. would cost between £45 – £60 each new :

    Small S/S jersey £10

    Medium S/S jersey £10

    Large bib shorts £10



    Just like our chairman decided to have a bit of a lie in after my eldest boy had 8 of his mates over for a sleepover.once I got to sleep at about 4 in the morning and was then woken up at about 5 because one had spewed up in the bathroom.got out for a ride at about 12 and had a 40 mile spin with a couple of fellow dynamos no willy waving with us.


    Hi Ian,

    Great write-up of Sunday – Very accurate; I was indeed gutted by the lack of coffee stop but mainly because I needed to warm my feet rather than anything else! Despite owning overshoes I made the amateur mistake of deciding they weren’t necessary! Won’t be doing that again!

    Don’t suppose the jerseys are still available? If so can you bring them along tomorrow? I’m probably interested in the medium but perhaps optimistically would like to try the small!

    Cheers and thanks to you and the others for an enjoyable ride yesterday!



    twc6 (a snappy handle if there ever was one…)

    I perhaps should have added a bit more detail to my last post. These are Tenby Aces shirts. Now you might want to wear one (are white, blue and yellow really your colours as not that many people can carry them off convincingly) but you might be consigned to the rear of the peloton.

    However, seeing the great strides being made on Sunday, this may be an offer I should perhaps be taking advantage of.

    I will introduce you to Kenny, the purveyor of Club Kit, tomorrow.


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