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    Ian going straight from Pembroke to Newport I will see you all up there I can only give a one way lift as i’am carring on to Coventry you wil need to bring some food for after as ther is no cafe or such like there just a drinks machine


    Oh yes you will need ten puond for the bike rental as well

    Welsh Wizard

    guys and gals thanks for company Sun morn had to rush off afterwards – didn’t have time to say cheerio – thoroughly enjoyed, thanks again Rod

    Colin Davies

    For anyone interested, the angle of the banking at the velodrome is 42 degrees to the horizontal. Well done Stumpy for organising it today. It was great.


    Yes ..a very enjoyable club away trip…thank you all


    Yes thank you Stumpy for organising, a great day out! 🙂


    Thanks stumpy. Great day out, enjoyed it. Well done to Pete for being the fastest Dynamo on the  track.

    Sweaty Eds

    Five things we learnt today
    1. Jaguar SatNavs don’t recognise Newport as a place worth stopping in.
    2. Roger’s black list of cyclists that have beaten him keeps getting longer.
    3. If you bring your own bike to the Velodrome, it’s a shame to spoil the effect by falling off.
    4. Sometimes your brain cannot understand things that really are happening, like when you’re flying round the bend above the blue line and the Dynamos train, impossibly, passes below you.
    5. There is a fine line between having the time of your life and shitting yourself.

    Thanks for arranging this, Stumpy. Thanks for the great day everyone.


    ………..and when are we going again!!! That was just fantastic!!

    Pete Jones

    And after the initial panic of seeing the circuit! What a trip!  Really good experience.  One off the bucket list.  Thanks Stumpy


    Not sure what was more terrifying, Mike’s driving (I don’t like motorways) or the defying the laws of gravity around the top of the banking. I was particularly proud to set the slowest time over 500m.

    Thanks Stumpy for organising the trip, any takers for another go at the end of the season?

    Attached is a very poor quality photo of the Dynamos (and friend). The coach, Steve, who took the photo was probably still in a state of shock from our sheer ineptitude.

    PS he might have fallen off, but he did set the fastest time….

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