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Hi guys n girls,

Thanks for a great two days of cycling, I am looking forward to next years jaunt already.

Andrew, in your defence of Richards unprovoked attack on the mountain I will stand up in a court of law to defend your innocence. I witnessed the whole event as Richard passed me screaming your name, with the look of what can only be described as the face of the exorcist :evil:, he rammed you from behind (from what I gather not for the last time over the weekend) which backfired on Richard as he was sent crashing to the tarmac. When asked by myself if he wanted “help to straighten his bike” in anger he ripped the bottle cage from the frame and threw it into the hedge, by this time I was frightened and close to tears. I have to stop there or I will not be sleeping again tonight, but that’s another story,(Sweaty, what happens on tour stays on tour) :P

Great ride, Great company, Great time. Thank you. :P