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    We will ride route W1 this week. Whitland loop. See you at 6.


    I managed to loose everyone – both fast and slow groups – on the up side, did an extra 7miles and discovered some tough new climbs (Llandewi Velfrey – Llampeter Velfrey) trying to catch up. Got back to the carpark at 8 and everyone was gone. Next Wednesday I’ll try and not loose any groups.

    Matt Johns


    We seen you coming down the hill into Henllan Amgoed with Roger, Roger flew past us and when we looked around to see where you were you’d disappeared, we waited five minutes and i even starting cycling back up the road thinking you might have gone back to wait for Graham. Eventually we carried on and met Phil back in narberth who said Graham had actually been in front of you and Roger at Henllan. It didn’t help that everyone was doing a different route, the route mapped on the website doesn’t correspond to what we’ve cycled before, we rode the route as mapped but others were going on routes previously ridden.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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