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    Those of you who were at the Turbo Session on Tuesday will have heard Nick stress the importance of efficient peddling and heart rate training zones. Nick has offered us a group rate discount of £12.00 each (reduced from £25.00) for between 6 and 10 people on a Wednesday at his Pembroke Dock Studio to measure these using his Wattbike.

    Striking whilst the iron is hot, if there is enough interest we are proposing to go along next Wednesday, 17 October 2012.

    The sessions take 30 minutes starting at 5pm.

    Kim and I will get the ball rolling by taking the 6.30 and 7.00 slots.

    Post here if you are interested in coming along and the time slot you would like.

    PS Nick has peddles for most types of clipless systems, however, to be on the safe side it might be worth taking your own along (and a towel and some water!)


    Put me down for the 7.30 slot


    18h00 for me please. Just seen that Andrew has booked for 17h00 and if Nick really does have Peddles (or are they Paddles or even Pedals Ian) I might have to opt for the SPD Paddle option. Either way, my core and I are looking forward to it. :D


    I will take the nice clean, fresh slot of 5pm please. You might need to bring your wellies along after i`ve been on it!!!


    20.00 slot for me please


    Thought I’d pop into say hi.

    Sounds like the Dynamos are getting serious with all the wattage testing. I’m getting the impression you’re all trying to hit next season with a bit of momentum – giving you the chance, and its only a chance, that you could keep up with the Slinkster x


    5:30pm for me.


    8.30pm for me, gives me time to get some chips first.


    Put me and Nigel begs down for the last 2 slots


    Please could you make sure you bring the following measurements along with you on Wednesday so Nick can set the bike up for you:

    • centre of bottom bracket to top of saddle along the line of the seat tube

    • height of saddle from ground

    • height of handlebars from ground

    • nose of saddle to centre of handlebars

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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