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    Pete Jones

    After 3 years of posting rides, I think it is time for a change. We have rides posted for every Sunday, as agreed at AGMs since 2015, but numbers are almost always low. I have been keeping a log since March based on observation and Strava. Whilst not totally accurate the average per week, excluding the Rotary and Civic Week rides, is approximately 2. So new ideas are required, e.g. 10 o’clock start, Saturdays instead of Sundays…
    Therefore, I think someone else, preferably someone who rides regularly all year, needs to take over. I have posted all rides until March next year, but they can be changed to meet any new plans.
    Can someone please volunteer! I will provide comprehensive training and support, and can provide hard copies of all the routes we have used.



    First of all thanks Pete for organising them for past 3 years.
    Perhaps we could do the weekend routes like the sweeper rota … Create a rota of members to create route possibly doing it earlier in the week before and can be weather dependent. It would be a real shame for the rides to stop. Last weekend we had 10 ride this weekend only 1. We have had surveys before but the response has been very inconclusive. Could members commit to at least one weekend ride a fortnight. 10 o’clock may work in winter. With those who are really keen could do a few hours before.


    Pete Jones

    Thanks Mat. By and large no new routes are required. I have a library of 60+ routes. Only 1 volunteer is required as they will need admin rights to update the website. We can’t have everyone getting admin rights or chaos would occur!



    Hi Pete, I am quite happy to take back over at least until we agree on something at the next AGM. Plus no training is required! 😉
    Cheees Pete.

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