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    Meet Bloomfield at 6am

    Narbeth- Ludchurch- Wisemans Bridge-s/foot-Sandhill-Devonshire Drive-Redberth- Jeffreyston-Renalton- Narbeth



    Got a call from Dyfed Powys police today. We got reported last night for riding to far out into the middle of the road by a lorry driver. At the time, 1 of us fell off in the road on the way up to Princess Gate. It seems the lorry driver was concerned that if he had fallen the other way he would have got splattered!

    The police were very good about it but they did ask us just to be careful on the road. I think it is a reminder to us all abide by the rules of the road and to listen out for traffic and to any calls.

    We ┬áhave worked hard to give the Dynamos a good name in the county, we don’t want to start to antagonise any locals by ignoring the rules of the road.


    mmm…I wonder if the Lorry driver rang the police while he was driving! If I reported all the times I’ve been ‘Road Abused’ by drivers then I wouldn’t have time to go on the bike!!


    Sadly it’s something we see on a lot of club rides, I even had to have a private word with one of our members a couple of weeks ago for crossing the line on a blind bend with a car coming the other way not only dangering himself but other club members.

    I think generally we ride OK, but we’ve also have had luck on our side so far. A tragic lesson was learnt in Cardiff a few months ago with one rider killed for riding two wide and hitting a van.

    Club rides should be enjoyable and safe for all. Tightening our riding should only increase our ability and eventually become second nature.

    Perhaps one Sunday we should aim somewhere flat or even the outdoor track in Carmarthen (with Nick?) to practice group riding and honing our skills.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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