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    Both nights meet at 6 at Bloomfield

    Tuesday ride will be Carew Loop (26 miles)

    Route W2

    Thursday ride will be Tavernspite, Loveston and Llawhaden, 22 miles with 250m of ascent

    Route W10

    Sweaty Eds

    In the car park at Bloomfield just before six a large peloton had gathered. Much of the conversation revolved around Gary’s summer outfit, hotpants, a crop top and a liberal application of factor 50. Gary, Mark Clundurbanman, Pete, Leights, Jane from Turbo, a cyclist from Barnes, Chris from Folly Farm, Andrew Ajax, Dan, a big guy whose name I don’t know and my Sweaty self were surprised to find that Stag Jones had set his watch to Valley Road time but, after a few digs, we set off on the prescribed route. Somewhere between Heron’s Brook and the Molleston crossroads the cyclist from Barnes morphed into Johnny Mad Doig and then the science lesson began.

    Now, I’ve got a science degree and still remember a little about the three laws of motion, Newton’s first law to do with inertia, his second is acceleration and his third is about every action having an equal and opposite reaction. Imagine my surprise when Dan revealed that he’d been doing a little physics research in his Landshipping laboratory and he’d actually proved Nick Brown’s forgotten fourth law of motion. This law relates to aerodynamics, more specifically the hole in the air punched by a cyclist. Of course much research has already been done in this area, Nick has already described to us the reduction in effort when cycling closely behind another, something I have enjoyed a couple of times with Huw in Position A, but what Dan excitedly revealed was that he had discovered that a larger, stronger, super-vortex-like force exists and, when conditions are right, the cyclist(s) behind do not have to pedal at all for mile after mile. He called it ‘Stag Drafting’.

    The basic principle of Stag Drafting involves a headwind, a large group of cyclists and an ultra-competitive games master. Of course, Stag has to be distracted and provoked simultaneously, on this occasion Gary managed to engage him in an argument relating to what were bluer, violets or pansies and at the same time poked his bike a half-wheel ahead of Mr Jones’. While this was going on Dan briefed us all on the experiment and before you could say ‘Bradley Wiggins’, there we were, ‘Stag Drafting’. A couple of the less experienced riders lost their nerve and dropped back. The veteran Dan surfed the vacuum all the way up the incline to Jeffreyston, only popping out of the Stagstream to claim the King of the Mountains points. Johnny Mad Doig again showed his fearlessness by decending through Reynalton engulfed by the vortex.

    I had to peel off in Jeffreyston because my brake blocks were melting. As I waved the group goodbye I could see that Gary had managed to steer the debate onto the old classic ‘scone’ or ‘skone’, meaning that the ‘Stag Draft’ still had some miles to run.

    Thanks everyone, great ride as usual.


    So while we were out enjoying ourselves on a balmy Tuesday evening the
    Sa Calobra, or maybe that should be Aye Caramba!, appreciation society were busy ‘rehydrating’. Perhaps they were talking about drafting as well, maybe that should read drinking draught.

    Anyway, they certainly missed a most enjoyable evening ride in the sun. The legs felt good and despite rolling into Reynalton in the bunch the fastest speed according to Garmin was the descent from Cold Blow into Narberth.

    I have to say a special thank you to Sweaty as he has been combing my Strava times looking for marginal gains. In fact he uncovered an alarming maximum heart rate of mine on Tafarn y Bwlch a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it hit 242bpm! Now either I should stop filling my bottle with quad espresso or the sensor shifted on the way up. I don’t think I’m ready for a pacemaker just yet 😉

    Roll on the next few weeks, get those energy bars on order, it’s going to be busy.

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