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    Narberth Dynamos

    Please take a look at this and the attached PDF, let us know what your thoughts are about the Dynamos taking part in a West Wales time trial league next year?

    Dear All,

    I’ve spoken to most of you individually about the potential benefits of a West Wales time trial league for 2020 and onwards and received positive replies in theory. Attached is a first draft on this, along with some of the discussion points to address. The important thing to note is that it is a multi club league with the emphasis on group benefit and cooperation.

    Sorry I haven’t spoken to Tenby Aces yet, so this email will be a slight surprise for you. I also have to speak to Anne at Milford Tritons as last time I spoke to Tom they were pretty sure they didn’t want to do anything along these lines; but that was last year, so maybe this newer bigger version with more members will be more interesting for them. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon. Are there any other clubs, large or small, that I have missed?

    Most but not all of you are CTT registered clubs, which I think would be needed for the thing to fly. Happily it is currently £40/year, and this is the time of year to do it.

    (Note – the cost of CTT is currently under review for separate reasons, with a potentially divisive dual system proposed at their AGM: clubs without open events could find the levy rising to £100. Whether this will get passed remains to be seen.)

    Next step: whether incorporating/adjusting a current time trial series into a league, or making a new series for the league, probably needs some sort of consultation and approval with club membership. I would propose that you, the club representatives, agree a final league structure by reply and discussion to this email and/or annotating the attached document.

    Once we have a final draft this can be taken to the club memberships at the upcoming AGMs, if you need. If we can get this done by November, we can hopefully get the necessary event forms to the Police and CTT in time.

    Thanks, Richard

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    Looks fun to me
    8 clubs – good to have 8 different courses! – we could do llandowror loop from tavernspite to red roses – llandowror & back up brandy hill (only 2 left turns)

    Anyway I am up for it

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