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    Start at Bloomfield at 0900 ride to Stackpole or onto bosheton stop for cafe and back about 40 miles. A few mystery segments thrown in. All welcome.

    Julian MT

    That sounds good Mat. The alternative for anyone who fancies something a bit different is Jim Elliott’s Cycle Quest. Details from Jim below:

    A Cycle Quest event is being held on the morning of Thursday 29th December from 10:30, starting from Vic North’s cafe in Market Street Newport (there’s free parking in the main car park in Long Street). It is for teams of two or more. There are enough map sets for 12 teams so the more people who turn up the larger the teams will be (and the more fun it will be keeping together!)

    This is the same event as was tested out in October and is a treasure hunt on bikes all within a ten mile radius of Newport and great fun.

    There are points for each clue found / solved with the number depending on the type of Quest and how far away they are. There is a 3 hour time limit with points deducted from the total for every minute over three hours (back in Newport). There are bonus points for completing half and then all of the clues for each of the three types of Quest. The winner is the team with the most points and the prize is simply knowing that you are the smartest and best riders on the day!

    The three types of Quest are:
    Fun Quest – easier clues mostly on road and closer to Newport, suitable for families
    Road Quest – clues all on roads and extending the furthest from Newport
    Trail Quest – clues on bridleways, tracks and fields mostly on Newport and Dinas mountains

    From the test event I can advise that you can do the Trail Quest clues easily on a hard tail mountain bike or cyclo cross bike with nobbly tyres. Most of the clues on tracks and trails would be accessible on a hybrid or road bike with winter tyres but the ones in fields would not be so easily reached.

    Entry is a donation to one of the Alzheimer’s disease charities.

    Any takers for this or Mat’s route?

    Narberth Dynamos

    I think I’m just going to have to take whatever opportunity may arise to have a local bimble about looking for some new hills. Gwen’s working so I can’t stray far from the house. Have fun! G

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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