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    Narberth Dynamos

    This is a thread to discuss the Wales Sportive ride on 4 June. Who is doing this, how are you getting there etc.


    It’s says on there website is on the 4 June


    Oops my mistake, will correct the post! 😳


    any thoughts on whether it is too much to ride full rides on both the Wales Sportive and the Tour Of Pembrokeshire? Any tips for speeding the recovery in between?


    Well, Roger, Huw and myself are riding the Dragon on 5th June 135miles and i am planning to ride the full tour of pembs too. Perhaps Kim might have some ideas on the best way to recover.


    Cool, I figured I should be okay feeling surprisingly well after the angel. I didn’t know whether I was expecting too much and should calm down and do one or the other. I’m hoping to use the sportive as something of a reliability ride as a final prep for the tour. Last year I completed the tour but it hammered me, this year I want it to be my turn. ;-)


    I have just taken the plunge and signed up for the full distance. I expect this might be a bit more challenging than the Carten!


    They are looking for volunteers to marshall the cycling coarse on the saturday. I have heard that for every 10 people the club will get £200. Any one willing to help?


    I will be going so slowly I might get mistaken for a marshall, do you think that will count?


    Email from Nick Brown seeking marshals for next weekends Wales Sportive. Please coordinate with Andrew to see if we can provide enough to get a donation to club funds.


    The long course bike ride is next Saturday (4th June). I had a meeting with the

    organisers on Thursday and we drove the route of the bike. I’ve prepared plans

    showing the location of signs and also marshals. I’ve been detailed with putting

    out the signs and I will probably have to start doing this on Friday. There are lots

    of them and it will be a big job so I’m looking for some help. Some of the signs

    further around the course (from Carew on for example) could be put up on Saturday

    morning, if necessary. I’m going to be doing a drive around on the morning of the

    event to check that the signs are OK. The signs will be picked up later on Saturday

    or Sunday morning by one of Matthew Evans men.

    The event is a sportive and as such the rules of the road will apply. So marshals

    will just be a key junctions to point the direction of the route, point out any

    local dangers and attend to anyone in difficulties. They will not be required to

    control traffic.

    The 112 mile ride starts at 7 am, the 72 mile ride starts at 9 am and the 40 mile

    ride at 11.30 am. I’ve listed below the provisional times that the fastest riders

    (at over 20 mph!) could be going through:-

    Pembroke – 8.30 am

    Carew – 9.15 am

    Narberth – 9.45 am

    Saundersfoot – 10.15 am

    Bear in mind that the long route does the 40 mile route

    (Pembroke/Carew/Narberth/Saundersfoot) twice. There is a cut off time because the

    road closure in Tenby has to be removed by 4 pm. But this means that marshals on

    some bits of the route may be there for most of the day.

    Any help you can give me would be most welcome. A number of volunteers have already

    registered with the organisers but some will not be cyclists and may not be as

    experienced of the local traffic and participants requirements as some of us. I

    confirmed with the organisers that a group of 10 volunteers from a club or society

    will get £200 for their services, as well as a goody bag, T shirt and packed lunch.

    Group leaders will also get an invite to the party on Sunday night. Full briefing

    will be given to marshals on the morning of the event.

    Volunteers can register online or can contact Fran or Sophie on:

    sophie@activitywales.comfran@activitywales.com or call: 01437 765 777

    It would be great if you could lend a hand. The plans I’ve attached show 3 areas

    but for no other reason that it was the best way to fit it onto A4 paper. But it

    could work out that you highlight an area on the plan and say that you could put the

    signs up and provide the volunteers for that area. Let me know.

    This should be a great event and I’m sure the hundreds of local riders would

    appreciate your support.


    Nick Brown

    07748 107149

    Long course bike signs (Narberth)

    Long course bike signs (Pembroke to Angle)

    Long course bike signs (Tenby to Pembroke)


    I am happy to marshal for the bike ride and help put out signs on the Friday. I’ll ask around for volunteers to cover the Narberth area.


    Who is riding what distance?

    What times are people aiming for


    Mat, I have signed up for the full course and am aiming for 7.5 hours (15mph). I did the 75mile longer loop on Sunday in 5 hours but only time will tell if I could keep that up for another 2.5 hours. However the weather looks much better and I will probably be battling heatstroke rather than the wind!


    If you fancy some company let me know


    I’m also signed up for the longer ride, would like to hope I can manage 15 mph but don’t know. Has anyone worked out the actual route?

    I appreciate from the post above that we start from the Salterns and do the long loop, what I’m not clear about is how we get from tenby onto the second loop and where precisely to plot my route into my garmin.

    I like to have it count down the miles as I ride! :D

    Currently I think we are doing the full loop then riding to lamphey, into Pembroke, round the one way, straight out again the way we came in back to Lamphey then up the ridgeway and onto Narberth etc picking up the long route.

    Anyone know? Help?

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