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    Pete Jones

    At the AGM (some time ago, I know), I expressed concern that some club members where putting themselves in danger when taking bends, particularly on right hand bends downhill.
    By positioning themselves near the white line they run the risk of head butting an oncoming vehicle.
    Yes, I am being serious. Whilst I do not class myself as an expert, I am experienced on 2 wheels. I am ex advanced motorcyclist and motorcyle racer.

    At the AGM, I was charged with doing a ‘masterclass’!

    I have chosen to do the following:

    1) I have produced a PDF file with information taken from various motorcycle websites
    2) I found a volunteer to film me, on a safe stretch of road, taking both good and bad lines through some bends. The vidoes are in MPG and MWV formats, for those that have a preference.

    The files called goodline.mpg and goodline.mwv show that you get an early view around the bend, giving time to react to any issues, such as an oncoming tractor.

    The files called badline.mpg and badline.mwv show that you do not get this early view and could meet unseen oncoming vehicles, and that there is a tendency to drift out across the road on left hand bends.

    I have uploaded the files to dropbox (they are too big for our website)
    You do not need a dropbox account to view them.

    The link is as follows:


    Sweaty Eds

    I felt so inspired by Capt Pete’s post that I asked my wife to film me on my morning cycle to the paper shop.


    If I’m honest I don’t remember all the hairpin bends nor the massive crowd outside Noble’s newsagents but, as they say, the camera never lies. Shame she didn’t get any footage of me cycling back with the paper tucked under arm, I wonder what David Duffield would have made of that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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