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    Mike Smith

    Considering the continuing appalling weather conditions; high winds with a threat of rain, there was a good turn out, a smattering of under 40’ with a good show of over 40’a dribble of over 50’ and a crusading shinning light of over 60’. We did have the usual two cap badge mixer in the shape of Ian who had traveled some considerable distance to join the creme del a creme (that is French I think and no I can not spell French; well I can FRENCH!) The sexual mix was as usual three testosterone filled girls and I believe the rest of us were boys? Nic and I took up the rear as part of a developing / recovery group whilst the remainder set off as a well organised peloton; thankfully Dave R required frequent fag breaks which allowed the developing group to catch up. As stated the wind was a challenge for all but the experienced and the rain held off; until Carlton opened the proverbial gob “at least the rain has held off” it started to rain as we descended Trefloyne Lane; just enough to add that extra ingredient for the wind chill factor and so no time for idle chit chat at the leisure centre we / I all ran home (in the car for me) Des Rees, Dave R and Wayne cycled; that will learn them!



    Perhaps we should open an overseas section for you to bring the ‘continental’ spirit of the Ace’s Rides to us folks up here in Narberth! It was a very ‘even’ paced ride with the whole group staying largely together the whole way around (apart as you mentioned a miscreant nipping behind the bike shed for a fag). Very little competitive action apart from Paula’s sprint for the line right at the very end. Not quite sure if a ‘two cap badge mixer’ is supposed to be an insult or a compliment….

    One final point, have you be banned from posting on your forum, or are you looking for a home more suited to your particular journalistic style?


    Somebody’s posting on the wrong site?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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