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    What we need to promote the dynamos is a team song

    like orica green edge

    any suggestions for a song?



    not sure what happened to link previously – but on youtube you shook me all night long


    Love this Matty!

    We should take the ‘Lip dub route’. e.g…

    We could do something similar on bikes.

    Im happy to shoot and edit.


    Speak to my Agent darling.

    Sweaty Eds

    Ok, so what about a combination of the Cyclist’s Prayer, Turbo Bloody Training and, the old classic, Clover Train.

    The soon to be viral video starts in a darkened hall, from the gloom appear a phalanx of helmeted figures, in unison they chant the Cyclist’s Prayer..

    ‘Our Stava, which art on the website’ etc

    following the climax of this the lights illuminate a train of cyclists on turbo’s all following the man-mountain that is Clover

    ‘Get on, get on, get on, the Clover Train’

    half way through one of our more hip members, say Ants, recites the Turbo Bloody Training poem, add a few globally catchy groovy moves and before you can say Gangnam Style we have ourselves an unstoppable worldwide juggernaut of fame, fortune and class A narcotics.


    Could video a turbo session & when everyone is sprinting like mad things sync to really fast song

    or for irony slow down people riding & put in slow track

    or based on the amount of sweat surrounding some could play twisting by the pool

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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