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    Proposed route for Sunday. Meet at 0900 at Bloomfield and could someone bring a map. I don’t know most of the roads so could be an adventure.

    We might also be a bit stuck for a coffee stop..



    Won’t be with you this w/e but Propellors cafe at the airfield in Haverfordwest looks like the place to stop for a coffee – get to watch the planes too


    Can’t be with you..having to work all day saturday and sunday…to pay for the vodka


    Hey mr valley man can you tell me which way you going on Sunday’s route .you going down towards ludchurch first or heading north.


    Banjo country first then back to ciivilisation was the plan.


    Latest weather report for the morning. Don’t get put off by a couple of drops of rain first thing; looks positively tropical.



    Me and Bevs will meet you on route in the Bethesda area, wet or dry!


    Great ride today. Not sure who to thank for the route. Ian, for getting us to Maenclochog ok, but after a couple of missed turns and despite having the biggest map ive ever seen, and his brand new garmin seemed to be totally lost! Or Flapjack for taking over and taking us on roads ive never been on before. A nice change and an enjoyable morning.

    I was very impressed on how everyone is improving their fitness. 3 in particular to mention, Johnathon for not getting spat out the back every time we come to a hill of more than 2%. Leights for passing me with ease on one of the climbs. And Bevs for giving Nick a run for his money on one of the times we put the hammer down. Well done to you all.


    Any willy waving?


    I throughrouly enjoyed today. The 8 blokes deciding which way to go (Pete and I stayed out of that one :?) north of Maenclochog and Flapjack’s scenic tour of Spittal. I was pretty gone by the end. Maybe I should consider a smaller inside chainring as my bike is fitted with a double or get up earlier and have breakfast!

    Anyway, the weather was tropical 10.7 C average according to my Garmin (that bit was for Roger). Thank you to our Chairman for His kind words, looks like the turbo sessions over the winter are starting to take effect.

    Bring it on…


    The Slinkster and Ants hit Brechfa on Saturday as we were unable to make today. Sounds like you had an adventure, which is the name of the game.

    Also, Valleyman, i’ve found you on Strava and im going to start laying some times down. By times, i mean records and by records i mean world records and by world records i mean ok times for an amateur club rider of average fitness and ability.


    It was a pleasure to get you all lost. Let’s face it there was never going to be any other outcome.

    ‘Nice’ I discovered today is a very subjective term. The extra loop around Spital suggested by the ever affable Flapjack was anything but nice, it was just one long bloody hill. He then buggered off home leaving my shattered legs another undulating 15 miles back to Narberth.

    Still I must reitterate the comments above that it was for the most part a great ride until the final climb up to Crosshands by which time I had had enough.

    I just wonder what sort of air Bev has in his tires….

    Too knackered for the usual war and peace this week. You get the gist from the posts above. Only points to add:

    1). Good pace setting from the Chairman (did you ever think you would hear that?)

    2). Lots of high cadence showing off in front of Sir

    3). Good to see Andrew out again and well done for not throwing up this time.

    4). I wasn’t the one with the slow puncture this time: hope you got home OK Gary

    5). If you are going to bring a map then make sure it has more than just a couple of A roads on it.

    That’s it folks until next week when the route setting will pass back into to Huws’s capable hands. So no more magical mystery tours until the next time he is on holiday…..


    Good ride Sunday, enjoyed flapjack extra little bit, by the comments it looks like I have improved a bit, you can thank Ants for that where by I,m still trying to catch him on the hills,. In the touring car series if you winning to easy they add weight to the car so I think we should do the same with Nick and butcher boy especially when butcher boy passed me towards Bluestone and left me foe dead


    It sounds like you missed me, see you Sunday i will post a route


    It sounds like you missed me, i will post a route for Sunday

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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