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    This Sunday weather looks good meet at Bloomfield at 9am

    Route is S7 OR AS SOMEONE NAMED IT South Coast Torture, 43miles with 578m of ascent

    See you there

    Sweaty Eds

    Five masochists assembled at Bloomfield ready for the South Coast Torture, Nick B with camera, Flapjack, Gary, my Sweaty self and a guest from Norfolk, Dumbledore’s younger brother, Ian. Everyone was sporting winter tights, booties, hats and a variety of thermals, everyone that is except Gary. Either the climate in Login is significantly warmer that that of Narberth or the twenty-five years propping up the Rhiwbina front row have made him impervious to the cold, because he arrived in short socks and short shorts, his only concession to the frost was a pair a gloves, he was even wearing sunglasses.

    We cautiously eased our way out of Narberth following the posted route. It was one of those rare club rides when everyone stayed together and chatted. This caused a few problems for those of us used to being left behind but Nick seemed to take my constant elbows in his ribs and random changes of direction in good faith. We reached the icy wasteland of Tavernspite and slid down Brandy Hill towards the Tuscan hills of the Greater Laugharne area. After a couple of subtle toilet stops we climbed the Giant of Pendine. At the top Flapjack and Nick headed along the coast. Gary, Ian and myself headed back to Narberth.

    Ride stats

    Hardy Souls; 5

    Notable absentees; Several, including route setter!

    Icy Patches; Many

    Bare Limbs; 2

    Top tips from NB coaching; one each

    Coaching charges from NB; Dynamo member discount still being negotiated

    Warm Upper Lips; 2

    The duvet Dynamos can still enjoy the ride by purchasing the DVD from the NB Cycling website. I imagine that all those attending the Turbo session this Tues will have the chance to enjoy it. I think Nick said he is going to title it ‘Le Supplesse Masterclass’.



    sorry i missed this morning there was ice everywhere, got about a mile to Velfrey rd, only to see that the road was now ice white, so turning round i thought i would try the main rd, only to find this was covered in a blanket of fog, so i decided to go back to bed.

    I text our chairmen to say i would not be out, i had a text back to say he was sporting a hangover and was not going out either, may be later

    We meet up at 10,45 at Tavernspite went to St Clears, Pendine and back.

    Still bloody cold but the ice had gone :-)


    Slackers, the lot of you, I was out at 7.30am, lovely cold morning, Carew looked stunning, then Fresh East, West, then over the bridge to Neyland in time to watch the Narberth U7 win 11-9. 😆

    Love The Rain, Live Your Dream


    Good effort for those who ventured out, esp Celia – 7:30am! Enjoyed the write-up Eds.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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