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    Here is the route for the Sunday, Bloomfield for 9AM sharp Clunderwen, turn left,Maenclochog,New Inn turn right over the top of the Preseli mountain, turn left on the way down in to the Gwaun valley across the bottom, then Pontfean, back to New Inn, turn right head to Hwest, turn right at Poyston Cross, back to Clarbeston road, LLawhaden,Canaston bridge,Robeston, Cox Hill and back.


    Route follow the link


    See you there


    It’s going to be a wet one tomorrow so get your oilskins on,just going out on mountain bike up the preseli mountain and it’s pissing down .Everybody have a good and safe ride tomoz.


    Thanks for sticking to the route!

    Got up, rode in the driving rain to the end of Clunderwen, waited in the rain, waited some more in the rain, decided the peloton wasn’t coming. Rode home in the rain. Too wet by that time to have any will power left to go out on my own.

    Did I mention it was raining? Then had the joy of seven hours painting whilst I waited the rain to stop. It didn’t!

    To top it off I have no cider left in the fridge, the flat is cold, my wife is in Cardiff and the telly flickers ever time a lorry drives past and it’s still raining!

    Anyway, hope you had a lovely ride, love to the kids x


    Oh dear ,perhaps mr valley man had his map out again ,it got wet I suppose and then got lost or he might have said f…k this I’m staying in bed with mrs valley man.


    Welcome to Pembrokeshire, the Venice of West Wales.

    The Mayans claimed the world would end on 12 December 2012, it didn’t

    It was feared the world would come to a grinding halt on 1 January 2000, it didn’t

    I predicted it would clear up this morning, it didn’t

    I am clearly no modern day Nostradamus and my weather forecasting abilities are up there with Michael Fish.

    For once (and probably only once) Mr and Mrs ValleyMan were early, a whole five minutes early. The car park was a desolate wasteland devoid of any signs of life. At 9.02 we were umm-ing and ah-ing when Dicon rolled in anticipating a club ride. As he had slogged his way over from Whitland, any plans we might have had to sneak off home were immediately holed beneath the waterline.

    With no Huw to drag us off up north, we headed south sort of making it up as we went (sound familiar?). The rain whilst not torrential was persistent, and the sealskin gloves and overshoes soon gave up the ghost.

    The conceptualised route which vaguely envisaged us ending up in Amroth after a tour of the familiar roads on the way to Carew was cut short at Redberth as we decided we had had enough. A meagre 27 miles were covered but better than ignoring the alarm, turning over and going back to sleep (perhaps not…)

    Well that’s it for this week other than to hope our Chairman’s trip to Romania to check on the provenance of his locally sourced beef will have set his mind at rest. Never believe everything you read on Facebook.

    PS Sorry Andrew, at least you got to spend some quality time with your paint brush. And yes we did notice it was raining.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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