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    Meet at Bloomfield at 9am

    There are a number of us doing the Dragon ride on Sunday, i have put a route below feel free to change it (Matt)

    Freshwaters Loop, 57miles with 596m of ascent

    Route S5


    Thanks Huw and good luck on the Dragon tomorrow.

    As we have done Freshwater West several times recently (lovely as it is and will be tomorrow) how about the old Tour of Pembs short route to the coast for tea and cakes then a choice of routes home.

    My only problem is I can’t quite remember the Short Tour route but that will just add to the excitement.

    Am I turning into Mat?


    I have 4 hours to available so need to be back in Narberth by 1pm. Will we have enough time to stop for ice-cream also?


    Need I say more?

    ..well actually yes; three points arose from yesterday’s ride

    1) Demonstrating the principle of gravitational attraction, Flapjack, charged with navigating us to Newgale by as direct a route as possible, seemed inexorably drawn to every large land mass including Treffgarne Hill. He is simply not to be trusted.

    2) Combining ballroom dancing moves learnt on a transatlantic cruise and cycling is a recipe for disaster. Dan, in trying to perform the Argentinian Tango whilst simultaneously mounting his bike, ended up prostate on the verge scoring a very poor three 2’s and a 3.

    3) EPO and blood transfusions may have had their day, but there is a new scourge coursing through the veins of cycling: ‘retirement’. This manifests itself as the unedifying spectacle of grey haired 60 year olds cruising up steep hills past otherwise fit and healthy young men and women. If you do happen to spot one of these so called ‘retirees’, do not hesitate to report them to the appropriate authorities.


    Nice pic though rather devoid of ice cream though?


    Tooled up with ice creams in the blazing sun…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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