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    Looks like another good day
    Magical mystery tour Crem tavernspite red roses laugharne st clears trelech crymych narberth. This is 3 counties & has many short cuts home available. But is a great route .


    Couple of options here.

    Matt route see link http://app.strava.com/routes/1115476 55 miles.

    Or the following
    P gate, Tspite, Whitland, past rugby ground towards LLanboidy, turn right cross roads LLangynin St Clears, Laugharne, Pendine Amroth, coffee stop, Wiseman, Pentlepoir, Cross inn, Jeffreyston, Reynalton and back.

    46 MILES plenty places to peel off, one coffee stop.

    I don’t mind which route, but a guess which one most will want to do?


    Some other alternatives ride to tavernspite garden centre have coffee & ride back about 10 miles


    Bring own cakes ride around Bloomfield car park stop have cakes about 30 yards 🙂

    On ride one there is a coffee stop at laugharne.

    Any up for ride one?


    Are people becoming more obsessed with coffee n cake in lieu of the ride?? 🙁


    Coffee shop at the BOTTOM of the hill in Pendine. Good food also!



    Looked like another good turn out this morning. Sorry I was going in the opposite direction. I had to be home by 10.30. Hope you had a good ride.

    By the way which route did you end up taking?


    Took my route

    But forking hell we were split up on one hill so I sent front ones on but I forgot to say the road forks take the right fork …. sorry

    13 started 4 finished

    But everyone agreed it was scenic


    Long, scenic but enjoyable. Thanks for the Mars Bar Graham – a bit of a lifesaver.



    Interesting route Matt! I have to admit very picturesque but having gone left above Abercych we seem to have got involved in going back in the opposite direction. When we discovered we weren’t being followed, we took the climb out of Cwmcych (as if we hadn’t done enough hill work) and on to Hermon. Powered by  a single mars bar, five of us made it back, although we did take a soaking after Pentre Galar. Next time I’m going to fork left, not right, after leaving Trelech! See you all at turbo on Tuesday.


    You know when i stopped and said turn next right…i meant it. After looking at garmin map i saw the error of our wats but you guys had scarpered ahead. Luckily i caught up with Matt et all at the next main road heading towards Crymch. from there we decided to ride a s a 4 in line back along main road. The wind, rain n weather was only made bearable by a vivid rainbow upon arriving at Narbeth roundabout. I will pay more attention to my computer n map next time we go on a magical fun mystery tour! 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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