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    The route is

    From Bloomfield at 9AM up to Crymych, turn right Hermon,LLanfyrnach, Blaenwaun, LLangynin, St Clears,LLanddowror, Tavernspite back to Narbeth.42 miles


    See you there


    Sorry got the date wrong should have said 19th


    Got up this morning weather was dry, Text Andrew he said it was dry in Ludchurch, so off i set in the Car to Narbeth, by the time i got to Narbeth guess what it started raining.

    Flapjack was the first their followed, by the butcher, then sorry the name escapes me the gentleman from Login, then to everyone surprise Ian and Kim in the rain and then rolled in Matt G.

    It did not seem to dampen the spirits in the rain and off they set, as a fair weather cyclist i got back in the car and returned home.

    to be continued, by anyone that set off, sorry cannot any anymore except i feel i made the right move?


    Red Roses, Pendine, Laugarne, Llandowror (hill newly tarmarced but even harder than previous :() 50km loop with 850m of climbing

    Rode at social pace – weather did not dampen our spirits everyone agreed it was much better to ride than be at home!


    Made the right move nice afternoon for ride with the Sun on your back 😆



    Well at least it was warm and not too windy.

    We met at Bloomfield at 0900 with just light rain starting to fall. Andrew, Gary and Flapjack were astride their steeds in anticipation trying to cajole Huw ‘Fair Weather’ Morgan from the confines of his BMW.

    The debate centred on the short-term forecest; Huw was adamant that it was about to piss down, whereas the rest of us took a rather more dismissive view of the morning’s weather reports. Just to be on the safe side, and as a final sop to Huw, we decided to head south to follow the sun, rather than the planned route to the north. However, this was to no avail and Huw remained rooted to his heated seats.

    By this time Mat had turned up so the six of us headed off to Pendine and Laugharne via Tavernspite with a return leg via Brandy Lane.

    It has to be said that Huw’s premonition proved to be fairly accurate and we were all as wet as we were going to get by the time we got to Princes Gate. It was difficult to tell if the water was coming from the heavens, or the wheel in front. As we pulled up to Tavernspite, I suddenly remembered that Leighton was going to wait outside his house for us and no one had a phone to let him know…

    Andrew and Flapjack were keeping their distance to avoid any more mishaps.

    It did threaten to brighten up as we reached Laugharne, but no it kept raining. Andrew was clearly saving himself for his planned afternoon (on the bike) with Janice as we all stayed more or less together.

    Gary and Andrew peeled off at Tavernspite and Kim and I waved Mat and Flapjack a fond farewell at Coldblow.

    We got home soaked to the skin just as it finally stopped raining having covered 35miles. Next stop was a hot shower where thoughts were confined strictly to matters of soap and shampoo.

    When I finally checked my phone, Leighton had sent a text that he was not going to bother, so my pangs of gilt dispersed as rapidly as the mid-afternoon clouds…


    Phew! Good decision not to have changed into my lycra, would have been a long wait!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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