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    Now that’s what I call willy-waving…

    Strava Activity Report – February 20, 2013

    Hey Ian,

    Your friends on Strava put in some miles yesterday:

    Nick Gibbon rode 46.1 miles on 02/20/2013 Llanddewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

    • He is the new KOM on Pendine Hill to top

    • He is the new KOM on Cwmfelin Boeth to Llanfallteg Crossroads

    • He is the new KOM on Cwmfelin b to top of Llanfalteg

    • He is the new KOM on Amroth Climb

    • He is the new KOM on Amroth climb to Summerhill

    • He moved into 2nd place on Llanddewi Velfrey

    • He moved into 2nd place on A40 Climb

    • He moved into 2nd place on North Road Whitland

    • He moved into 4th place on Pendine

    • He moved into 5th place on Amroth Climb (to Summerhill)

    • He moved into 6th place on Pendine Climb (to B4314)

    • He moved into 8th place on Marros marrows

    • He set a PR on Saint Margarets

    • He had his 2nd best time on We be Gymmin

    •…and 7 more PRs. See All.

    I suppose my one KOM had to go at some point….


    Roger better get an extension for his willy waving contest :-)


    I must confess to feeling rather shriveled…partly due to Nick’s ability to fly ( I think he deserves a larger kudos sign than the normal ) and partly because I was out today for my last ride before skiing and it never got above zero…..no KOM for me only 3rd up to the top of Pendine…still..early days….I’ll see you all at the foot of Pendine Sunday week


    Let him have his day of glory, once the Dynamos have passed on that route he wont have a KOM pot to p*ss in. Right boysgirls?! Right?!

    Incidentally, Andrew formally announced on Tuesday that if any Dynamo can get the Narberth Hill KOM he will be presenting them with a fillet steak.

    It currently stands at 1:37 so I’d leave the cow in the field for now Andrew!


    How about the queen ???

    Love The Rain, Live Your Dream

    Nick G

    Sorry Ian.. Took the new summer bike out for a blast with the roads being so dry. I believe it’s very similar to the bike you’re building at the moment ,so I expect to see these Kom’s go once you’re out on it!!


    Andrew nearly had to get fillet steak out of this shop, Nick managed to 1.47 today which is joint 3rd with Mark Brown, only 10 sec off in the middle of winter god help us in the middle of the summer :-)


    Fillet Steak?? I`m sure i offered a pork roll to the winner. Nick did stop at the shop to gloat, sorry i mean to mention his time. That new bike of his is lighter than one of my rolls. It is only a matter of time before he breaks the record. He could probably do it on one of slinkys rusty old mountain bikes!!

    Nick G

    The new bike makes a huge difference I have to admit. Won’t be much riding going on next week. I’m heading home and the weather’s looking pretty moderate.. Have a good ride tomorrow.


    There is hope for me yet then, however, I don’t see me getting my KOM back any time soon, new bike or no new bike.


    Tom Rowlands just knocked 15 seconds off Nick time up Pendine to top it is now 9.09

    this is going to take some beating :-)

    Nick G

    I think the best way to look at these Strava times is that they’re extremely motivational. I looked at my times on last Sunday’s ride up north and I was lucky if I got on the first page for most climbs.All it takes is for a 21 year old cat 1 to come for a spin in the area and you’ll see the likes of Pendine drop by well over a minute.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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