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    Here is the route for this years Angel 78 miles 4500ft climbing


    Looks a good route, one good thing No Devil Staircase hopefully no walking :D


    Looks good, horrid climb up those switchbacks right at the end mind.


    Matter of interest who is doing the Angel


    Huw, Kim and I are doing the long route (at our own pace). I see start times are staggered from 0900 to 1000. Will probably go for a later start as need time for breakfast.


    Didn’t make tonight..bloody 18.00 start time…I’m allowed to ride the Angel and fancy an earlier start to the above..shall we arrange some shared transport and save the planet?


    there seems to be a number of fellow riders doing the Angel, if we plan to meet at 8.15 that will give time to register and get going at 9.

    Weather looks good at present.


    Stop press

    Roger beat Andrew today by 8 minutes

    A statement from Mr Allan, says he has now achieved his life long ambition in beating Andrew and will now retire with immediate effect.

    The UK Anti-doping Agency has released a statement saying they will launch an investigation and will be testing for beetroot juice.


    Great coarse but very hard. Roger shot off after Fishgaurd never to be seen again. On my own for 35 miles minding my own bussiness when i heard a shout from behind. It was Dai Swan and Carlos from pembs bikes. It was great to see them.

    Once we got through Llanglydwen Carlos had very bad cramp and told us to go on.

    It was great riding with Swanny and i`d like to thank him for draging me back to the finish.

    By the time i got back home the breaking news on sky sports was that Roger had beaten me. I was getting txt and calls from all over the world (Whitland) asking was it true. Reporters were camped on my doorstep looking for a quote making me a prisoner in my own home!

    Id just like to say im not a bad loser and well done to Roger (bastard) for winning.

    Can`t wait for the next race, i mean sportive.


    Ha bloody ha!…..I can only write a “short” statement as I have a series of interviews and promotions throughout today…

    Lovely though the scenery was,this was a brutal ride.

    I managed to stick with a group of 3 others for 20 miles until the top of Preseli mountain..and then they were just too strong…and then I began to curse..yet again you’ve gone off to fast and now you have no group to share the front with and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with nearly 60 miles to go with the prospect of a fresh mountain climbing Andrew appearing at any moment in a large group that will just whistle past you..idiot!

    So spurred on by self-recrimination I set about the task of staying away from persuers for as long as I possibly could…..and my isolation went on and on..horrible hills,paranoia about missing a turning,paranoia about being caught up and spat out..and then at 50 miles cramp..happily in one leg at a time this time rather than both (unlike the Daffodil). I didn’t see a soul. Finally I was on the last climb out of the Gwaun Valley and nearly fell off several times as I tried to ride looking backwards for the closing pack. It was only on the top The Angel that I allowed myself the realisation that I wasn’t going to be caught and ,even then,I waiting for the inevitable puncture or suicidal sheep charge…but for once it didn’t happen!


    Well done everyone some stats

    Surname Forename Club M/F Speed Position

    Alan Roger Narberth Dynamos M 15.99 6

    Rees Andrew Narberth Dynamos M 15.59 10

    Dixon Mark Narberth Dynamos M 13.87 32

    Greener Matt Narberth Dynamos M 13.53 34

    Morgan Huws Narberth Dynamos M 13.32 39

    Griffiths Kim Narberth Dynamos F 11.49 57

    Walton Ian Narberth Dynamos M 11.49 58

    Phillips Leighton Narberth Dynamos M 11.35 60

    Club Number Average Time Mean Median fastest Slowest

    All 77 06:06:04 12.78 13.32 16.90 9.47

    Narberth Dynamos 8 05:56:49 13.12 15.99 11.35

    Tenby Aces 2 07:01:50 11.09 11.09 11.09

    Pembrokeshire Velo 3 05:26:04 14.35 15.24 13.26

    NB Cycle Coaching 2 06:23:23 12.21 11.49 13.02

    how do I put tables into this forum

    Roger now holds club record on this course


    Oh dear letting the side down again!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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