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    Yes, the Slinkster took part in the triathlon on Saturday, down the Broadhaven. It was an Olympic distance number, 1500m swim, 27mile bike and 6mile run. As I’ve got an eye on Ironman Wales in September I wanted to do the event at a steady pace, feeling that I could do more when I finished rather than going all out and it was also a good chance to get some transition practice in.

    The hooter blew at 10:30 and 300 odd competitors piled into the sea. There was a bit of a chop on the sea, nothing to bad, but good for a few mouthfuls! The course was 4 buoys placed in a rectangle with the longer sides being parallel with the beach and pretty much the same length. The outward leg was good but I found the long trip down the beach slow, I flew back down though so maybe some currents or wind were playing havoc. Anyhow, job done and out of transition in 33 minutes.

    Bike next with the start being a twat of a climb out of Broadhaven, still breathing heavily after the swim. I didn’t quite work out the wind direction, but it was strong! It had a big impact when behind and in your face. The tri bars did their thing though! I was back from the 27 miles in around 1:30, averaging about 18mph. I was trying not to burn my legs to max at any stage so I took the many hills at a sensible pace.

    I got back and left for the run with 2:05 on the clock. I bumbled around, again keeping it all under control (not that I could have gone any quicker up the coastal path which makes up the first 3k of the run, it was hard work). Got back in 3:08 feeling good with enough left in the tank to do more. All in all a good race, we had blue skies for most of the day and the IPA in the Galleon was on offer (£2.50).

    Looking forward to the photos, dynamos top on!

    Ps. Just come back from.the big IM loop, had the day off. Nice weather, westerly wind made it hard getting to Amgle, but flew back to Narberth. Avergaged 15.5, quick enough for me!

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