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    Had this email from Jim Elliot of ‘Pembrokeshire Active’, if anyone’s interested in getting involved:

    I just wanted to give you heads up on the arrangements for the Ride Outs, which start this Saturday. We have decided to focus them very much on preparing riders new to the course giving them tips on the different sections using our local knowledge. We will do this by having regular review and plan stops every 5 to 10 miles between key parts of the route. We will also offer a feed stop with samples of the fare on offer and mechanical support (although that is likely to be very low key this coming weekend). Because of that we will be charging £5 for them but with a 2 for 1 for anyone who does more than one. That said we would value having local riders come along too to support and encourage and will not charge anyone who does that. I even wondered whether we might say they are being run in association with Narberth Dynamos if the club would be happy with that?? So please let your fellow club members know that they are welcome to join the rides without charge (probably so long as they wear club gear so it looks like we have a supporting club even if it is totally informal) and hope to see you at one or more of them. Happy to discuss arrangement.


    Sounds like my sort of ride with stops every 5 to 10 miles….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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