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    Just a quick update well done to all who competed in the Ironman

    Well done to the following, Mark Dixon completed in 15hrs 10min. David Swan 14hrs 2min

    Also well done to Pat Currie our honorary president of Narbeth Dynamos when we are in Mallorca 14hrs 56min, he came first in his age group and will go to Kona to the finals( probably the only one in his age group)

    Others taking part
    Kevin Phelps 14hrs 9min Headmaster, Tavernspite School
    Dafydd Lewis 12hrs 45min, Fruit and Veg shop Whitland
    Bill Ridge 15hrs 43min

    i am sure i have missed people feel free to add to the list


    Well done to all who did the ironman. Especially our Mark who represented the Dynamos with a lot of pride.

    Thank you to all who helped out on the feed station. Not only did you all do a great job, but you created a wonderful atmosphere for all the riders, and i think judging by their comments they really appreciated it. Well done to you all.


    Dan Mason finished in 16hrs 15min after a tough few hours on the bike.
    Jackie Jones finished 15hrs 29mins
    Mark Dixon did it in 15hrs 10 mins.

    Some of you may recall me shooting through the feed station on my bike at one point, i was lending my front wheel to a German competitor. The mechanics couldn’t fix his front wheel so instead of him having to retire I lent him mine. He was staying in the St Brides hotel and promised he’d leave the wheel in reception there for me. I just popped down to get it and he’d left me a £150 voucher to spend at the hotel. I was gob smacked. I think this shows what competing in the event means to athletes and (while i am blowing my own trumpet somewhat, but im sure any one of us would lend him a wheel) why we’re unique in Pembrokeshire as supporters.

    A large majority of Ironman competitors rate IM Wales as the hardest of them all, people come here because its hard and many of them are working their bodies to the very limit (e.g. Dan Mason). But what gets them through is the support from random people outside their houses and from volunteers like the Dynamos on feed stations. I think we should be proud to be part of it. Watching people break down in tears of joy as they crossed the line is reward enough to make me want to help out again next year.


    Outstanding Slinky – best excuse ever heard for going for a ride when you should be helping 🙂

    … If true its fantastic – we can have christmas party at St Brides – if not true great story


    I just loved feeling like a competitor again. Mandy Lewis even offered me an energy drink as I cycled past!


    Along with the voucher he left his business card so I emailed him to say thanks and ask if he’d done much enduro stuff etc. Got this reply…


    Thank you so much for saving my race!   This was my first Ironman event (and my second iron-distance race, having done Challenge Henley last year) – as you know, quite a lot goes into these events by way of preparation and cost, and things had gone rather well until then, so I was having a bit of a wobbly moment when the mechanic said he couldn’t help me any further.


    I do a lot of endurance events and one of the great rewards they bring (especially if you are unlikely to get anywhere near the podium) is the level of support and camaraderie that develops among participants – you as an Ironman participant yourself clearly know about this!  What blew me away was the speed with which you set me up with your spare wheel.  It must have taken you all of 45 seconds for you to consider how to get the wheel back and settle on the appropriate method when I just wanted to roll on the tarmac and bewail my misfortune!


    You saved my day with your generosity and pragmatism.  All of Pembrokeshire blew us away with the support provided to the athletes and the generous interest shown in our efforts.


    I just like thank everyone for their support. Sorry I did not stop at the feed station in Narberth – passed in a blur. The support from all the volunteers and spectators was immense. Saundersfoot St Brides Hill – mad, but it was Tenby that was absolutely mental.
    Thanks to Andrew, Janice, Ian, Kim, Plumby and his mates (especially at the last corner before the finish – gave me a boost to get to the finish)and to all the other faces I recognised from Narberth.
    Well done to Dan Mason, Jackie Jones and Bill Ridge – we all struggled along in the dark and rain to finish the run.
    Thank you once again.
    For any of you thinking of doing Iron Man – “Just Do It” It is an experience You will not forget.


    I’d like to echo the comments already made, wonderful support by all out there. I wasn’t much use on the jog so all I could do was make my way round and support everyone I recognised!

    The help from volunteers was amazing, the whole race felt as if everyone knew you personally and were rooting for you. Amazing experience, I’ve done it three time now and that was the best for support. Scary thoughts about where next year is going! Hard effort to top!

    To all the other Dynamo Ironmen, Chapeau! You have secured your bragging rights! Magnus Backstedt said the day after in his interview that the bike course was best described as ‘savage’. Anyone who wins the Paris-Roubaix has clearly earned the right to define a course so…

    Savage it is.

    Who’s up for another pop at it? 🙂


    Did you see the ironman on the telly this morning? Good to see 2 of our junior members showing off their bike skills following the lead marathon runners. Well done to Tom and Jack. Shame we couldn’t get to see the dynamo tops!

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